The loving energies of the 6 meets the mysterious and introverted 7 for the first time, being in some ways a preview of the 70’s decade. The constant interior focus of examining its emotions reaches a critical point, where the self begins to discover aspects of itself it did not know it had. The emotional self dives into the spiritual self, and upon opening itself up seeks to master its inner energies. Creativity evolves into strategy, and both are utilized to solve problems and work through situations. It likes to work alone. However, it doesn’t mind working with others on complex projects. It seeks to bring spiritual principles onto the material plane.




67 digitally roots first to 13, which is a number also found in the numbers 49 and 58 before it. 13 seeks a link between the spiritual and material, which transforms the realities of both. In the case of 67, a link between the emotional realm and spiritual reality is sought. Once this link is established, reality transforms through work and effort, bringing these principles into fruition. It likes to work with its mind, and often becomes proficient in mathematics, the sciences or other similar disciplines requiring an understanding of complexity. The balance of the mind and heart is strongly implied here. The mind must never try to master the heart, but instead listen to its quiet voice. Negatively, the paradigm of “6’s and 7’s” becomes more prominent and this becomes an irritant for others. Insanity could result if the mind and emotions are not properly handled. Exercises that regularly clear the mind such as meditation are highly beneficial for this number, as it can become quite hectic at times. It must trust itself and move forward with its plans, knowing that nothing is done without action.

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