66 is a Master Number, or “Illusion Number” as they are called in Nick’s Numerology. The name for these multiples of 11 is a bit misleading: they don’t necessarily imply immediate mastery over their environment, in fact the reverse more often occurs. Here, responsibility, morality and ethics meets itself. It is responsibility and service through group effort. Creativity is emphasized here as one of the principle vehicles for its work, and for learning how to work with a group and maximize their harmony. Synchronicity with various members may take some time to master, however is well worth the effort as things easily fall into place thereafter. 66 doesn’t just work in the business or material realm, but it could also work within the spiritual realm as well within the healing arts. This number empowers those around it with its natural energies of love, serving to recharge their inner selves.




Since the energy of a Master Number can often overwhelm, it must look within and balance its core self (0) to maintain a stable outer reality. This number will constantly be forced to examine its emotional self while meeting new people and situations. The results of this inner analysis can determine the direction that a group may take. The following group dynamics along with how responsible one must be over a group make up some of the core lessons of this number. Where are the lines drawn, and how are they maintained? A negative 66 is a total control freak, thinking they are responsible for every part of people’s lives. It must remember that people are also individuals like themselves and that they need their own space. With harmony and inner coherence, they can often rise to powerful positions of management and authority over people, structures and systems.


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