This is the emotional self dealing with humanity and the aspects of change and loss. This is one of the better numbers for material success in the world. It can easily grow itself into business and be financially successful. It must be careful that its explosive side does not translate into heated arguments or even violence in their lives, and instead to channel this energy into constructive activities. Typically, the business involved is about serving others to some capacity. It must not get down from any losses or unexpected events that might occur, but to use its network of connections to build anew again.




The relationships formed under a 65 require a great deal of freedom in between for it to “do its thing.” This is also because it is active and moves around frequently, hence cannot afford to stay tied down to one location. This freedom includes the ability to be alone for certain periods of time, despite needing to be with others simultaneously. 65 needs to develop on its own before it is comfortable with exposing its final product. Because of this, 65 is known to be a secretive number. Oftentimes money seems to be attracted to this number. They must remain practical and reserved when handling money, lest their ego selves take control (-1) and they spend to excess. Maintaining a sustainable relationship is also another thing they must learn to lock down, along with understanding the temptations of novelty. It is one thing to experience, it is another thing when someone gets hurt. Once sexuality, freedom and flexibility (5) along with sensuality, responsibility and morality (6) are perfectly balanced (2), the self can connect with other people peacefully and can become a source of empowerment and enlightenment for both. It should use its natural charisma and spontaneity as tools for growth. Otherwise, if there is no inner balance then conflict with other selves occurs (11) instead of harmony.

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