Is it wise to keep doing what we are doing? What could be improved upon? Facing situations that draw such questions creates wisdom, which the 54 appreciates. It asks questions and is in many ways an investigator. It is the traveler focusing on structures, systems, work and the reality of things in order to fulfill a humanitarian goal (9). After traveling this far in the 50’s decade, this number decides to tweak its own engine (4) and work for the benefit of those in need before it continues on its way towards a final breakthrough. It must decide, on its own what parts to keep and what parts to throw away.




Fortunately, 54 can be a very mystical number and many of its answers come from the spiritual side of life. It relies on this and its inner resources to make decisions on its own and to work toward a greater purpose. It may have to or decide to do work that no one else wants to do. The work may be above or below them, but either way they should not fret and feel bad bout itself (-1) for what needs to be done is for the greater whole (+9) and people will appreciate them for it. It is important for this number to not hold grudges for such energy often backfires upon the self. This number may be a traveling worker fulfilling various assignments, such as working with a humanitarian organization. It may also decide to be a mystic who seeks to help reconstruct the lives of others. Whatever the situation, the 54’s best source of guidance is its inner self and/or a higher power, whatever it may be. It will help the 54 get out of rough times or from being misunderstood by others. Meditation can realign this numbers path back to where it should be going and re-clarify its purpose.

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