This number moves, and it moves fast. It does not like to slow down for anyone or anything unless someone else gives them a good reason to. It pitches, it throws, it likes to give someone that impetus to take action. It has a desire for social activity, to supercharge the social structure in some way that will become more functional in the long run for everyone, and not merely for their own whims. This can be as small as their own social circles, or as large as an entire society. One way is through sports, entertaining hundreds to thousands of fans. They tend to be positive people or at least have a positive attitude and they work to help keep up such an environment.




This is a kind of number that doesn’t lay around beat around the bush: it goes for it and is not afraid to do so. It has the courage to face its obstacles and the strength to overcome them. 53 does not fear the unknown, but rather meets it head on and explores what it has to offer. Because of how much it moves, it tends to glide on the surface in life and at its worst can by very shallow to the point that it only believes what it sees. In this mode, it can rush into situations that are merely illusions (-2) of what its reality really is. This of course can lead to outburst of anger when it realizes the truth. It is important for this number to remain cooperative, especially in such negative moments. Denying reality is only an escape not a solutions and if this is not addressed, then the 53 becomes increasingly dysfunctional which can lead to catastrophic results.

This number likes parties and other social gatherings, especially during its youth. As long as it is not running from something and is not insensitive to others, this is not overly a bad thing. Enjoy life, and have the courage to accept reality for what it is.

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