The freedom loving and adventurous 5 combines with the sticky, touchy freely and detail-oriented 2. Where the 5 loves movement, action and change, the 2 is hesitant, shy and unsure. This can create bottlenecks or a “stop and go” quality unless one strategies their level of openness (7). This is more about the openness of the heart than it is of the mind. This openness leads to spiritual growth, either by itself or with others depending on their levels of trust. If it is not understanding of apparent conflicts, it can be very critical and opinionated, ensuring its isolation. If harmonious, 52 works with others to help achieve a common goal.




To help explain this idea better, lets take a look at the above chart. If the go-getter 5 works well with others, and is willing to open themselves to them, then their inner growth and understanding is greatly accelerated and they begin to feel a oneness to life around them. They harmoniously work with the crowds (-3) and set about to find answers to their problems. However, if the 52 is disharmonious, then all manner of ridicule is used to justify their own opinion, which is seen by them as correct and this leads to social ostracizing and evasion (-3). They become hermits with few to no friends, content with their own opinions and perspectives of life. If somene dares challenge their viewpoint, then their tongue can become a weapon, fueled by a raging interior volcano. In fact, 52 can have one of the sharpest tongues out of all the compound numbers if it is disharmonious.

It is important for the 52 to resolve its duality, for doing this will lead it to an inner peace. Conflict is merely the irresolution of duality, the lack of understanding harmonization of positive and negative polarity. Once this is understood, then the 52 can really begin to move in life. This is first done within as the +7 indicates, and as the poles harmonize, the realization arises that duality is merely an illusion. With this understanding reflected into outward reality, the 52 sets forth. They can become real movers of social change, entering politics or other high stake areas to see these changes implemented.

  1. I’m a 52/7. Is there annnnyone out there that is also a 52/7? I have yet to see anyone else. Everything is undeniable here

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