The adventurous 5 seeks to establish its identity, its independence in the world. It realizes that in order to begin understanding the laws of change, one must first become self responsible. Here it encounters the energy of the next decade, that of love responsibility, community, ethics and morality. This can be an intense and chaotic number as the winds of change meets the fires of creation. It pushes to succeed in a world full of changing people, places and values. In the negative, this change turns into never ending entropy.




As the 51 seeks to establish some kind of base of operations, it tries to secure itself using its force of will, but unexpected events come around and their stability is threatened unless they assert themselves and take responsibility. What was learned in the 40’s decade (stability, strength, limitations) is seriously being tested now with the -4 challenge. In the negative, 51 can be very aggressive, hard headed and can be hurtful to those around them. It may gain a list of enemies from this type of behavior, making its life more dangerous than it needs to be. A positive 51 minds the safety of those around them and does not go off on a thrill, endangering them. Law enforcement, rescuers and those working in careers related to safety may fall under this number. They provide security to those who are victims of loss. Oftentimes they may sacrifice their time and risk loss for the betterment and safety of others. When it is dedicated to a cause and is secure in its own strength and ability, then the 51 operates at its best. A loved one can help stabilize them, but this is a fiery and passionate love and so both must be careful when playing with fire.

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