This number is independent: it knows what it wants and is not afraid to go get it. It is the result of an accumulation of experiences that, upon witnessed opens its emotional center (6) which then serves to propel itself forward (1). In a sense, it is the worker caring for a person, project or idea and giving it its own ideas, impetus and determination to see it through. They see any obstacles or setbacks as opportunities, and see new options to draw from in most situations. They prefer to take the lead in most areas of life as well, not comfortable being subordinate.




Because they tend to be head strong and sure of their ways, it can often be easy for them to be insensitive to others (-2). At its worst, they plow ahead without any regard to other people’s well being. It is important to remember that other people are other selves, and to follow the golden rule: treat others like you want to be treated.

That being said, this _1 is kinder and more considerate than other +1’s, though more set in their ways and more pragmatic and grounded. They tend to think about the past often when caught in melancholy; it is important for 46 to stay in the now and not lose itself by living in the past, or living in a time that was more auspicious for it. Athletic activities appeal to it and they like to spend time outdoors, whether in the wild or to tender their garden. Ultimately, they try to stay positive in every situation.

  1. Dear Nick:
    Thank you for your nice blog and the numerological detailed information.

    Please guide me if you are able to do, i want to know whether is it necessary to sum up First Name’s number with Life Path amount? If so, please inform in which area of life First Name mostly refers?.
    Second please write the numbers which cause marriage or sensual commitment happen in a much better
    way, and which numbers are dangerous and cause divorces?
    My life path is 14 and Mind No. 46 that leads to Mind Key No. 60. Please tell me in what ways number 60 affects me. I am really curious to know.
    My heart number is 23 and Heart Key 37; i read that 37 has relationship problems and please interprete the relation between 23 and 37 through life path 14.


    • Hi Mohammed, summing up the first name and Life Path is not considered to be a major aspect of a chart and is thus not necessary. However, summing up all the given names (minus the surname) with the Life Path can give insight into one’s personal lessons not seen by the rest of the world.

      My style is that I describe the compound numbers and I leave it to the user to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I am not a hand holder, in other words. I will say some things about what you asked for, but the rest you will have to figure out on your own.

      In regards of the Mind’s Key of 60, other than the page for this number located here, I can say that this position shows the best way to utilize one’s mental characteristics, in your case remembering to listen to one’s heart for the answers as not everything outside the self will have what you seek. The exterior independent 46 comes across the changing 14 which will require the mind to make adjustments as necessary (60).

      As for the Heart Number 23, it is the numbers 23 and 14 that are first looked at here because these two root to 5’s and having two of these together creates an internal need for constant change and variety, to constantly move about and settling down can be difficult. There may be addictions or other repetitive issues which result in breakages later on. These can be avoided by the Heart’s Key 37. This number stands in part for spiritual expression. It is important here to not just express the self on material levels, but also on the spiritual levels. What is the spirituality in this situation and so on. Would this be wise, why or why not? Because of the nature of 37 to go inside itself to express the hidden it can have difficulty with relationships, yes. 37 goes inside to free itself from any learned modes of thought and use its original thinking to become more independent. More about this number can be found here.

      The 23 and 37 together, along with the 46 and 14 may make it seem like Life is chaotic and confusing being dragged about by the tail winds. It will take discipline and good ethics to stand strong and with the right balance major obstacles can be overcome. That’s about as much as I can say for free. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Nick:

    My Mind No. is 46 and Life Path 14 that make Mind Key 60.

    Please explain about it and in addition my heart No. is 23 with Heart Key 37. Please tell me what kind of obstacles is probable since i have 37 in my chart and this number is not good for relationships.


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