45 is a number that is synonymous with the worker undergoing personal growth, and all that entails. That’s not to say it is in no way mystical: 45 has definite mind abilities if one chooses to utilize them. However, since personal growth is equivalent to change, this number tends to have it rough around the edges. The 4 and 5 are diametrically opposed in concept: the 4, limitations, work and discipline, and the 5, change, personal growth and constructive freedom. When two opposing digits come together like this, the resulting number tends to be difficult in experience and application. However, if one decides to learn what 45 has to offer, they will find that it is well worth the effort.




The 45 is a learning experience that results in higher learning and wisdom, empowering themselves to learn more. On the negative end, this number can lead to catastrophic losses, deflating the ego self and challenging self initiative (-1). Experience can be a harsh teacher, especially if one’s principles or ideas have not yet been put into practice. Ultimately, it is out own drive and determination to succeed that keeps us going. The drive to learn propels us to become better than who we were before.

As a result of their experiences (which can include learning the hard way), people with 45 can often be severe with loved ones. They must learn to channel their anger in a more efficient manner. It is also important for this number to let go when it can no longer hold onto something. If it causes more and more pain, then it must be let go.

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