Month: July 2016


The mystical self meets the practical. The spiritual meets the mundane. Analysis meets structure. Both 7 and 4 are heavily focused on detailed work, albeit for [...]


The mystical self focuses on expression and creativity, giving it a new sense of individuation and independence (1). This number is highly adept at writing and [...]


The spiritual self meets the energies of gestation, cooperation and interrelation. This can be a hectic number. One moves internally focused on itself and the [...]


The spiritual self meets the number of independence, originality and ideas. In the positive, 71 is a independent number with a great sense of inner security. [...]


This is the first number of the 70's decade. The previous experiences in life that uncovered the deep emotional self uncovers an inner world not previously [...]


The emotional self meets the selfless compassion that is the 9. This number has a very sharp mind and when focused, is creative in all of its endeavors. It [...]


68 represents the harvest as a result from choices rooted in responsibility, relationships and morality. This can create unexpected changes and losses, but [...]


The loving energies of the 6 meets the mysterious and introverted 7 for the first time, being in some ways a preview of the 70's decade. The constant interior [...]


66 is a Master Number, or "Illusion Number" as they are called in Nick's Numerology. The name for these multiples of 11 is a bit misleading: they don't [...]


This is the emotional self dealing with humanity and the aspects of change and loss. This is one of the better numbers for material success in the world. It [...]