44 is another “Master Number” as they are popularly called in most Numerological works, though here a better term for them would be “Mirror Numbers” or “Illusion Numbers.” In this case, 44 represents the illusion of limitations. The realism that can be seen and believed by the eye is a part of this illusion if it chooses this physical path, for the purpose of attainment and accomplishment of objectives In this case, they are hard workers and unafraid to sacrifice what is necessary to achieve what it desires. It must guard against sacrificing their loved ones for material benefits, however.




Like all such numbers, the 44 has a 0 challenge. If this challenge is not addressed and/or suppressed, the 44 tends toward a more physical focus which can lead to physical hardships as a result, having to hard to achieve anything that it wants. The military, business and careers dealing with integrating/disintegrating power fall under this category. However, if the 44 listens to its core inner self instead, it will guide it to the answers it seeks. The 0 can be interpreted to symbolize “divine emptiness,” and when this enters the heart center the mind falls away and so do the illusions in one’s life, leaving what is actually real behind. This is true for all illusion numbers. When the illusion drops and the ego steps aside, the 44 can choose how to be of service to either itself or to others.

If they choose the latter, then it uses its knowledge of the laws of nature to help provide for others or to help make the world a better place. If the former, then it uses this knowledge to its advantage, yet a constant greed forces it to always seek out material wealth to possess or devour. Compassion for others is one route all positive Illusion Numbers have in common, and can serve as a gateway from moving from the negative to the positive.

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