The 43 likes to work alone, oftentimes in an isolated capacity. It uses its mind to analyze and solve problems, and to also create and execute projects in the physical realm. It seeks to express itself in a mental fashion. A graphic designer or a composer are examples of this. It may have a hard time getting started, fumbling about in its concepts of perfection and coverage of all the bases, but once it gets going it can be a long and hard worker. They become skilled in their craft in time and many may marvel at their creations, though the creator may remain elusive.




Because it spends so much time alone, it can often have esteem and worth issues especially if it does not socialize with its own kind. Meditation is a great help for this number especially, as it must remove any negative aspects of the mind that originated not from it, but from the outside world. It can be predisposed to exotic whims and desires that may not be a reflection of what they really want, but of what their ego self desires (-1). The lesson is to identify the ego for what it is and to not become subject to its whims, but to follow the wants of the core self. It must strike a balance between wallowing in despair and depression of its own fears and image issues, and of over exertion of will and ego. The 43 may become involved in religion in part to not only keep its own ego in check, but to explore its intuitive and mystical side as well and to establish for itself a purpose for existence.

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  1. I love that this was written on the 29th June, my birthday, I also happen to have a 43/7 life path . One of Many things I have noticed today that correlate, some of the other coincidences being the number 7 associated with the astrological sign of cancer which is my sign of course and my daughters are life paths 6 and 9 which is the cancer symbol ♋️. Love it!!

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