This number is loving and affectionate with a good eye for detail that others may easily overlook. It has a strong desire for the family life and much of its time is devoted to needs and responsibilities of said family. They strive to be an accepting member of their community and may have latent artistic abilities. They are more comfortable conforming to the values of their loved ones and community instead of indulging in radicalism, preferring the homely and loving comfortable life.




Consequently, the 42 is often unsure of itself and needs the support of stronger numbers to help maintain inner stability. It can have trouble making decisions (-2), especially if it is afraid. However, they are also great protectors and will stop at nothing to make sure that loved one are safe from harm. Their warm and understanding nature makes them a natural magnet for those that need an ear to speak to.

It must be careful not to be too manipulative and step into the business of others. They must respect the boundaries of other people’s lives.

42 is the kind of number that looks for a partner early in life, as it’s the love connections it has with others that makes its life more meaningful for them. While they can be grouchy in the negative, when they are positive they know that love can overcome all obstacles that may get in their way, ad not to give problems more importance than they deserve. It does not fear or confront outsiders with this mindset, instead knowing how to negotiate with them.

  1. There is a tendency for the 42 to die young. Perhaps it is the source of the old adage โ€œthe good die young?

    what is that all about

    • That is from one of the books that I referenced when writing out the 42/6 article. It certainly doesn’t mean everyone with 42/6 in their charts will die young per se, and this also depends on the other numbers in said chart.

  2. Ok.. what is a ‘said chart’? I haven’t stopped thinking about it and I really do not want to manifest it ๐Ÿ™ as my partner is 42/6

  3. Yeah, I don’t get it. And I think it is very unfair when you publish that certain life paths have a ‘tendency to die’… I don’t think people want to read it NOR know about it.. Quite selfish if you ask me

  4. Christina, you miss the point and deliberately, troll.
    So, see the door?

    As It has your name on it – with your rear behind.

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