The self under analysis, creating strategies and/or uncovering truths of the material and spiritual worlds. This number seeks a spiritual connection within itself to better understand its existence vis a vis the universe, or the creation. By connecting with its inner self, it can begin to see the workings of a higher power. Because of these leanings, this number may be religious to many varying degrees, or they may have their own independent spiritual beliefs or understandings. “As within, so without” speaks volumes about this number. It almost seems to live within data, and can sometimes by obsessed with “progress.” This number has a strong faith that, once found moves them forward with conviction. The 17 must come to terms with materialism and its illusionary aspects. This number may bring wealth of both worlds, but it must not become influenced and controlled by said wealth.


This desire is due, in part to the urge to shelter those undergoing negative adjustments (-6) like it had gone through int he past, and if not for loved ones then for itself. Money is drawn to it for good and/or bad (8) and it’ll have to deal with the inner understanding of making and losing money. The 17 can organize its outer life if it first organizes its inner life full of truths and facts beforehand. One of the most common pitfalls for a 17 is its seeming lack of emotions (-6). It can get so caught up in its mind with analysis that emotions become consciously ignored. While the emotions are there, they need to be expressed or outbursts could result. If the lessons from the 16 haven’t been positively learned, then unethical practices may also result leading to possible run-ins with the law. If the opposite, a strong desire to uphold the law may also be found here, along with a willingness to defend its community from any intrusion. One must be careful to not strive for power alone or for selfish reasons. Power not only corrupts, but it controls.

  1. Just want to say, thank you for making this numerology as non-religious and closer to neutral-based as possible. Tired of numerologists adding ‘this number is bad, this number is good’ — which I think is nonsense. Every number can be good and every number has its faults. This accurately describes me.

    Btw, the table for my name uses the numbers as follows:
    J = 1
    E = 5
    D = 5
    A = 2
    I = 1
    A = 2
    H = 1

    • Hi Jedaiah, thank you for your words. This is true, and it seems much of the time a Numerologist will have experiences with certain numbers that clouds their judgment. It is in reality the perspective at fault for numbers themselves are neutral to start with. It is up to us to utilize their positive or negative potential.

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