The self under adjustment. The self becomes tested in love, responsibility and ethics issues which can lead to readjustments to its inner reality (7). Often times the presence of 16 indicates a traumatic event forcing the self to look within for answers, or to look at a part of itself it did not know previously. It is the theory being put into practice, to test its feasibility in mundane reality. It represents the purging of the past to decide upon the new course to be taken. It is important to keep a link between the conscious and subconscious minds open in order to understand any dysfunctional behaviors that may show up. It is more comfortable to readjust one’s self on their own rather than have the universe do it for you. This number can be a test of conscious awareness of one’s unconscious self.


The key lesson of the 16 is the growth of the inner self. This requires one to face its fears, face what its been avoiding. Life may seem to always present 16 with problems, but that’s because the problems are within the self; reality merely reflects back what already lies within. If this is willfully ignored, then loss increases (-5) until a shock forces one to do so. Alternatively, the 16 may choose to paralyze its emotions in order to not confront itself through substance abuse and other modes of escaping reality. This is a sign of cowardice.

However, not all is doom and gloom with the 16. It purges out accumulated negativity gathered during its experiences in the past. While there is no growth without pain, in the end the 16 is much healthier than it was to begin with, if it chooses to cleanse the internal part of itself. The 16 is also very analytical and has the ability to get to the bottom of a situation, f its emotions do not cloud it. It is more concerned for love and others issues, or anything it feels is important.

  1. How could someone benefit from numerology, in a hard time to not…to kill the karma completely? If it happened to you, how did you use numerology to get out from a personal crisis, practically? Thank you.

    • Hi anna, of course it depends on one’s situation and the numbers in one’s chart, but I look for numbers in my surrounding environment and attempt to understand how they are interconnected with me and from there, what that means. For example, the number 16, I remember what this number entails, then remember where in the chart this appears and question what it means for me at that moment. Needless to say this is a great way to develop one’s ability to self analyze without reliance on others. It is akin to reading a language of sorts. The skill lies in making the connections as to the meaning of a number’s appearance in the moment that it does appear, and this can take time to learn like any other skill. For me personally, these numbers are a language from the greater unity for the moments that they appear and they help make sense of the events that occur in my life. If I were going through a crisis, I would remember the roots and lessons in my chart, then look for any external numbers in my environment and see how they apply to the chart. From there it is all one’s understanding and personal choice. Hope that helps.

  2. Anna, my advice to you is to not *use* or “take advantage” of numerology, for a short cut, but rather utilize and understand that karmic number are prone to taking the “easy way out”. All karmic numbers 13, 14, 16, 19 all enjoy shortcuts to the easiest route which is how you got yourself *in* a karmic number in the 1st place.

    Is a karmic number a bad thing? No way! Its a chance to change your previous mistakes in previous reincanations. The 1/6 7 has abused love in their past life. Abusing the power of love to get what one wants, such as sleeping with a boss for a promotion (sorry to be morbid) or cheating with multiple people. Love is a huge lesson for you, and learning to not abuse it.

    Also this karmic life path gives you the opportunity for 1.) Releasing the ego (becoming more intuitive and you already know deep dowm how you can release the ego, you just need to really do some soul searching) and finally you meed to 2.) Rebuild yourself using high morals and the hogher spiritual laws. Or the Bible. Ah yes, the bible will guide you in a LOT of ways so you womt fuck up again, my karmic number friend.
    Remember the 7 vibration is very spiritual. They need self comtemplation quiet to understand the science of all things. The very analysis is how you can heal your karmic debt. Let higher spiritual laws guide you.

    Use prayer to understand yourself. But when praying dont connect to God, you must say Jesus christ the son of God. Many demons deguise themselves AS jesus and lead you down a destructive path. The goal of demons is to destroy you, because theyre jealous you have a chance to redeem yourself in this life time. They *had* that cjance and choose to worship themselves aka the devil, satanic, what ever. Do some praying, and soul search *in* being in nature. Best of luck on your journey.

    Remember karmic life path numbers are not negative, their an opportunity to not abuse power, to not be lazy, and to use morals and ethics. Improve and become a revised corrected awesome human being on this earth!

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