The self in motion and exploration. Experiencing changes and loss, 15 finds it must readjust itself to the circumstances on their own footing. With so many new things to experience in life, especially sensuality, the self begins to rethink its understanding of reality by diving into its emotional self. This number is great at enjoying life, but if it does not hold true to its own principles then ethics may be violated. This number is equivalent to “The Devil” in the tarot for this reason. Negatively, it can represent out of control desires and sensualities. The self must learn to explore with morality and ethical standards in order to not be corrupted by such influences.


What gives the self its ability to propel forward into experience is its foundation, created previously in 13 and 14. It is like an engine fueled by principles, habits, strength and endurance. When 15’s foundation is lacking, life’s experiences throws the self into chaos and confusion tossed about in the winds of change with little control over one’s self. This includes indulging in various kinds of temptations that a solid foundation would prevent from happening. In other words, as long as 15 stays real then it will not falter. The first vestiges of responsibility also show here with the accumulation of experiences and, along with the opening of the real emotional center, love based issues. What is ethical and what is not will often be a key issue to understand. Through all of this the 15 finds itself growing into a new person, for better or worse.

  1. This site,start to get my attention, and I’ve been sure I know much about Numerology, its just that expressing it is much more work, than to know it within yourself, thanks and I tottally agree with 15/6.

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