The self in temperance. This number has an impulse for freedom, but often comes across limitations when its not looking. Hence, 14 tends to have a “stop and go” quality to it. As the 4 signifies habits however, the 14 may have a hard time getting out of them, especially when it comes to drugs, sex, alcohol etc. Despite this, it has the strength to overcome these obstacles with the right outlook on itself. They can be highly sexually promiscuous, and if not so then much creativity comes from this highly charged sex drive. This can lead to destructive behavior if left unchecked. It feels like it doesn’t need anyone, but in reality it has a hard time finding anyone like themselves. Being unable to relate to others has a very destructive effect on this number and can result in self sabotaging tendencies.


The self works for freedom, to free itself from its limitations. Its success largely depends on its attitude and outlook (-3) on any given situation. It must also be careful that its occasional bullheadedness does not cause disruptions in the social life. This can be a very positive number as long as it steers clear of negative habits and impulses. It has the stamina to work toward a greater good and the strong faith to keep itself aligned toward a goal until it is achieved. It is important to not become too flexible or too rigid, but to maintain a fine balance in day to day life. It must learn to channel its sexual energies constructively. It must also learn that saying no is sometimes the only way to go. The sense of not being understood by others (-3) is one of its major life challenges.

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