After working with the detailed and often arduous labor of understanding the fundamental systems of nature, 5 seeks to break out of that routine and see what the world has to offer. It likes to move everywhere, curious about many things for what it seeks is physical experience, particularly that of the senses. Where the drudgery of the 4 kept one in a single spot, 5 realizes that further growth can only come from experience. It travels, meets new and unusual people different than themselves and has a passion for adventure. It does not like to conform to preset standards as defined by society, but to discover which things identify with their own inner reality. They take change as it comes, and can readily ride its waves with little issue.

Positively, the 5 is a very forward thinker and moves itself into better situations, not minding to help others along the way. It flows with change and responds to it in a positive manner.

Negatively however, the 5 remains rigid and stays in a situation for too long. It reacts to change badly, causing an uproar to those around them.

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