The number 4 may not be the easiest number to live with, but it offers many advantages that the other single digits do not have. It is a number that likes routine, stemming from the cycles previously established with the 3. Through the 4 comes lessons in limitation, showing one that not all is possible with their imaginations alone, but that the imagination must work with material reality to become manifest. It is also through limitation that one learns aspects of themselves that they did not know previous, and the strength to overcome obstacles develops from this. 4 is a slow mover, being a plodder with a great attention to detail.

Positively, the 4 is dedicated to its project and does the work that it needs to do. It provides for those that need their assistance, whether monetary, constructive or just a support to lean on. They are “the rock.”

Negatively the 4 can become frustrated with their limitations and may seek to cheat to get what it wants. It may channel its anger into explosive arguments that only hurt others.

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