The 3 is all about being creative. The first buds from the seed planted in 1 finally shoot from the ground. It is the growth of something already started, a cycle put into motion that develops upon itself as it goes. After learning how to cooperate with others, the 3 seeks to socialize and relieve itself of the fears built up previous. It is also an expansion of consciousness, where a growing curiosity of life propels one to try new and different things. The 3 likes to have a good time with others and enjoy life.

Positively, the 3 looks at the positive in every situation and refuses to be let down by bad news. The 3 seeks to create a cycle of growth, and ideal growth happens positively. It is polite and courteous, if not a tad bit flirtatious.

Negatively, this number tends to scatter its talents in too many directions and cannot remain focused on one thing at a time for very long. This includes dating from one person to another.

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