2 is focused upon the other, relating to things outside of themselves. They are equipped with a great deal of sensitivity (regardless if its embraced or repressed) that helps them understand the greater realty outside of themselves. As a result, those who embrace their sensitivity may experience feelings that are not their own, but from other people. This facilitates one of the 2’s main lessons, that of understanding the other. Due to this sensitivity and the large amount of information it receives as a consequence, the 2 is not so easily confident with itself as the 1 is. It can be indecisive with their choices at times. However, their diplomatic personality usually wins them through in the end.

Positively, the 2 has an appeasing personality that seeks to create an atmosphere of cooperation among its peers. When it faces those that may try to dominate it, the 2 knows how to talk its way out of it and can in fact turn the end result into its favor instead.

Negatively, the 2 focuses its abilities on separation and conflict, instilling hatred in others with lies, and generally tries to play another’s emotions against themselves. They are known as toxic people.

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