The self in transformation. It begins with an idea, gathered from the creativity of meeting other selves and realizing that, through the experiences of good times there were laws at work within reality. These laws seemed to limit or stop some ideas from manifesting. Such ideas would not be able to transform into their designated reality. In order to see one’s ideas and reams come to fruition, one must be mindful of the laws of nature. A refusal to understand one’s own natural law manifests as laziness and lack of ambition, which leads to further struggles and limitations down the road. Positively however, limitations are seen as an impetus for one’s creative juices to flow in order to “solve” the problem and realign one back to natural law.


The self with its ideas meeting reality, and reality transforms or frustrates the 13 depending on if its willing to learn or not. Discipline and practicality are needed to see it through, or it may falter and instead stumble about in laziness and apathy. Unless it gains the strength to face the unknown, then insecurity and indecision may plague it. Pretending to like one’s reality does not cut it. The key is to understand the values of limitation and work: they not only show the laws of nature, but they also show oneself capabilities they could not know otherwise. Would you know what was inside a golf ball if it was not under crushing pressure? These lessons, while not wholly pleasant are a vital piece of the learning process of understanding the universe. They show what it takes to make dreams a reality. It is also the transformation process to becoming that which he desires and this comes complete with growing pains. In the end, the 13, if engaged will often be in a better position than it was originally.

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