The 1 in relation to others. After negotiating with the other self can the 1 relate to the other selves. This is the basic building block of culture, the self going to other selves in agreement to create a society (3). It means juggling the demands between different people at once along with your own needs. Because of dealing with so many other selves, self-esteem may be an issue at times. It must decide between actions that would benefit others directly or only benefit itself. It is learning to balance its own ego with the needs of others. If it becomes too egotistical, then sacrifice is highly implied. This happens to show the 12 that only catering to itself is sometimes not the best way to go, and to develop empathy for their fellow man.


Clearly the above anatomy shows this. When positive, one relates to others easily and can enjoy a good time together, or make contributions to society. A group activity is involved in some way, with each person introducing new ideas, unafraid of rejection. There is confidence knowing that the other would understand, and even with rejections their opinion is not construed as a personal attack against self. Of course, when the opposite is in effect, the -1 is then at play. A lack of confidence can let the 12 fear social situations and it may communicate in a manner not according to social acceptance. Social rejection from lack of esteem and will may lead to ridicule. In its extreme one is sacrificed in some way as a form of rejection to the norm, such as not being invited to a party for saying something wrong to someone or for being perceived as an outcast. In the end, it is about seeking acceptance from others and, upon doing so enjoying the life offered.

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