11 is the first of what has been termed the “Master Numbers.” Master Numbers is any number a multiple of 11. They focus upon their own energy and essentially double themselves. In the case of 11, this is the energy of the independent individual focusing upon the same attributes, leading to relation and cooperation or conflict and dissension (2), depending upon the choices taken. It is a symbol of two individuals interacting which can take a variety of turns in life, depending on the makeups of each. “Two heads are better than one” can be said to relate to this number. It can bring tensions when one individual does not jive with another’s independence, but it can also create immense cooperation when it becomes understood that constructive partnership can bring improvement in one’s life. 11 is a visionary number as a result and can see things others cannot, but it must also be careful to remember that what it can see is not all of what the universe can offer.


11 is known as the number of illusion, for it creates realities that may or may not actually be real. One of its key lessons is to distinguish fantasy from reality. The first basic illusion is the others will against another’s creating a conflict (2). This is alongside the illusion that all other wills will cooperate with its own. Often, these illusions are just as seemingly authentic as reality and will be taken to be seen as such. However, when the positive path is taken, that of uncovering reality by understanding and overcoming illusions, one begins to understand that reality is a much grander place than illusion could ever bring. That’s not to say that illusion is meaningless: its intensity serves as a catalyst for growth, which is where the 0 challenge comes in. To understand illusion, one must look within themselves. Illusion is not solved merely with the mind, but with the source within. Whether this is followed or not will often determine the choice of polarity with the 11. If the heart is not consulted, then the illusion often controls the individual. If the heart is used however, then one begins to learn how illusory their reality really is, thereby gaining greater understanding of themselves and the universe around them. Such people often become enlighteners to help others understand what they have discovered about illusion.

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