Being the first compound number, 10 is learning about the proper use of personal will in reality. First starting out, the 10 may think it knows all and it asserts itself, however there is a major difference between using one’s personal will and asserting one’s ego and the 10 must learn the difference. The ego is one’s false intelligence, and one of the key lessons for the 10 is learning to assert its will from beyond the ego. This assertion of will must be done on their own, all by themselves. This fosters inner growth, self reliance and an inner confidence knowing they can tackle bigger situations by themselves. Independence is the key word for this number, where it asserts its will to control its own authority. Negatively, it tries to control others under its own authority.


Numbers that end with zero are what could be called Decad Numbers or Choice Numbers. They represent having to make a choice in regards to the spiritual orientation, or the polarity of the number they are working with. This positive or negative choice is true for all compound numbers in terms with deciding to live with the aspiration of challenge, but for Decad numbers the choice is the base energy itself for an entire decade of numbers. As we can see with this diagram, its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. The positive addition of the two digits 1 and 0 yields 1 itself, the aspiration to achieve, in this case willpower, determination and confidence to achieve what it desires. The positive 1 acknowledges the independence of others and try not to step on each other’s toes. The negative subtraction however also yields 1, the challenge to be overcome. In this case, it is the same 1 energy but in the negative: ego, dominance, and only caring for what they want, disregarding all else. Here, this is the first number with such a challenge, which acts as impetus or impediment. The one, relying on itself makes the choice for itself all on its own. Learning how to establish themselves in such an environment is the first step toward greater understanding of the universe.

  1. Can you restate this definition of 10/1 in a way that it is easier to understand from a practical point of view? I have two (equally used) full names, each equating to 1 (100/1-my birth name and 118/10/1-my blessed name), and my birthdate is also 10/10–even my birth year equals 10. I understand (by other sources) ultimately that my battle is between my spirit and my ego, and in determining which will dominate in expression… Is that what is meant here? I appreciate your insight into numerology and look forward to your feedback.

    • Hi Katchi, thanks for reminding me. Reformatting numbers 10 through 13 is on my to-do list and I will see if I can revise them this weekend. As for the interpretation, it was written from an esoteric point of view, but basically it means that the spirit must learn, by itself, to impose the proper use of will over its reality. The ego is the false self that may believe it is the center of the universe, but only its own universe and that is the danger with this number. I hope this helps.

  2. Thanks, Nick. I think I understand things a bit clearly now, and I can recall instances where this battle played out. I am grateful for esoteric thinkers like you who have shown me (being a 10 and a 1 in so many ways) ways to prepare for this tug of war with the SelfEgo from an early age. I believe being a Libra helps with this and allows me to use my Ego to serve others and protect myself in the mundane world, while my Self serves my own spiritual growth toward more productive and constructive ways inwardly…and sometimes, to my great benefit, vice versa. I once read that one must die. I was always bothered by this (that self-centered 1 thing wanting it all) and sought to seek a balance between the two. Your post brings a new/different perspective, and brings about a yin/yang component to this wholeness, understanding when it serves me to be selfish, versus, understanding when it serves me to be selfless, and my influence over the situation that calls for the choice to be made in the first place.
    Thank you for your revision (re-vision), and for taking the time to respond.
    Blessed be.

  3. This explanation is thoughtful, clear to understand and believe needs no clarification. If others seek to engage you for their own purposes, think twice, as you may be deceived. Thank you again

  4. Thank you! 10/24/1974 = 10/1. WOW. Yes I knew I signed on for challenges but this makes so much sense–the struggle between the EGO and the Soul Path. 47 everywhere for me lately! Yikes!!

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