The Experience

The Experience number is, as the name suggests, a number that is best understood over time. It is the Self number in relation to its Life Path and the experience that results. It can explain why certain things happen in one’s life the way they do. As the Self and the Life Path become more understood in one’s life, one begins to see the benefits to this number. It is also a number that can indicate what career one should take in life. If working in the negative, this number is seen as an obstacle to be avoided rather than learned.

To calculate the Experience number, simply add the Self number to the Life Path number. Using the name of Reginald Regis Scott with a birth date of May 18, 1996:

Self 88/7 + Life Path 39/3 = 127/1

Reading this triple digit number, we see that this is a 1 that has a concern for humanity, but it acts on its own objective doing what it feels is the right thing for the world. There is a possible misuse of power with this number, and it must be understood that what goes around comes around. If the danger of an overinflated ego is kept in check, then this number can help bring good to the world.

In the context of it being the Experience, Reginald would find himself having to stand on his own two feet and rely on himself more than most people. Tests of attainment and independence would be forthcoming, and the right use of wisdom must be exercised. This is someone who would have to exert his free will to obtain harmony.

  1. So mine is 84/3 with my name and life path together. Actually 84/12 cause I’m a 38/11 but I guess you take it as 84/3. What’s the explanation in terms of Material Self when it comes to 84/3?

    • Hi there, I’m not too picky with how compound numbers are written, technically the correct way is 84/12/3 to show the full tree of reduction, but 84/3 is perfectly fine as well.

      As for 84/3 itself, I have not yet finished uploading all the compound number explanations (though it is on the table), however a quick way to explain it would be: seeking a connection to structured principles/methods/systems, or the integration/disintegration of such. I will have a more thorough explanation when the 84/3 post is fully constructed. I hope that preview will suffice for now.

      • Pretty good for now, I’ll contemplate on it to really understand until your detailed analysis arrives. Looking forward to it! 🙂
        Thanks a lot…

  2. I could use clarity in this area of material self. What does 118/1 material self translate to? My self number is 89/8 and my life path number is 29/11. I have just entered a 5 life cycle and am feeling confused about where I should focus. I have many interests and the confusion is making me unproductive. Where does my material self have the most potential?…. Writing an inspirational fiction trilogy, starting an endeavor to uplift the world by uniting our intentions, also interested in interior design:)? Or do it all, just not all at the same time?? I love numerology and have been studying it for a little while. I like your interpretations a lot. Thank you:)

    • Hi Jessica, I have not yet reached number 118 for my compound number descriptions (which are currently my top priority), however I can tell you a few things given what you have said. One of the dangers of a 5 cycle is gliding along the surface, so it is best to explore your options and to research them out before making any full commitments. 89 and 29 are both idealistic and wish to uplift the race in their own ways, the issue is getting one’s self onto the ground to do it. Once this is done, you can set out on your own path (1). 118 is someone who is at the head of a particular group, leads in a certain discipline or simply does their own thing, using their ideas and creativity to bring about changes that will affect others for the better. While the material self is an important number for a career, the entire chart really needs to be looked at to determine if it’ll be something you like doing (Heart and Material Heart for example). I hope that helps.

  3. Hi there,

    I wouldn’t like to be pushy or anything! 🙂 I just wondered after a long time (literally a year; you can see above) about the 84/12/3 post you were going to post. I’m very curious and hoping to see it soon…

    Thanks already…

  4. Yes, indeed I found it enlightening. “Covering a lot ground, slow progress, being a visionary, needing to learn to balance working with others and for itself in a structured, material environment..” especially made a lot of sense looking at my experiences. So, thanks…

  5. Hey Nick, I’m quite curious what my Experience number says.

    It’s 31/4 + 79/7 = 110/11

    All the ones are intriguing me haha

    • Hi Thomas, off the top of my head, 110 is a leader in cooperation especially in ambitious environments. In your case, the 31 and 79 gives a ability for deep analysis and is a good strategist and designer for projects that require it. It can be the glue in a group ambition, keeping various other individuals in line with the goal. Of course, cooperation is also the challenge as well as overzealousness from the 79. Hope that helps.

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