Month: June 2016


44 is another "Master Number" as they are popularly called in most Numerological works, though here a better term for them would be "Mirror Numbers" or [...]


The 43 likes to work alone, oftentimes in an isolated capacity. It uses its mind to analyze and solve problems, and to also create and execute projects in the [...]


This number is loving and affectionate with a good eye for detail that others may easily overlook. It has a strong desire for the family life and much of its [...]


The self under analysis, creating strategies and/or uncovering truths of the material and spiritual worlds. This number seeks a spiritual connection within [...]


The self under adjustment. The self becomes tested in love, responsibility and ethics issues which can lead to readjustments to its inner reality (7). Often [...]


The self in motion and exploration. Experiencing changes and loss, 15 finds it must readjust itself to the circumstances on their own footing. With so many new [...]


The self in temperance. This number has an impulse for freedom, but often comes across limitations when its not looking. Hence, 14 tends to have a "stop and [...]


The self in transformation. It begins with an idea, gathered from the creativity of meeting other selves and realizing that, through the experiences of good [...]


The 1 in relation to others. After negotiating with the other self can the 1 relate to the other selves. This is the basic building block of culture, the self [...]


11 is the first of what has been termed the "Master Numbers." Master Numbers is any number a multiple of 11. They focus upon their own energy and essentially [...]