The 7 Core Numbers

As I said back in March, I will start to post articles here again. I may or may not write the book in the future, but at least my knowledge will be available out there on the internet if anyone is looking for something new and fresh in Numerology. Until then, the site will be a work in progress in the meantime as I dust off the old writings and merge them with what I have developed since then.

The first thing to explain are the 7 Core Numbers. These numbers more or less reflect your current situation of your incarnational existence. These are the Life Path, the Self and Material Self, the Heart and Material Heart, the Mind and Material Mind. The idea of the use of simultaneous material and spiritual realities is a relatively new concept, first being presented by Richard Andrew King. It is a brilliant breakthrough that shines out above the cookie cutter process that’s too prevalent throughout Numerology. The base numbers describe fundamental parts of ourselves, while the material numbers describe the material everyday reality that we encounter while walking our Life Path. To sum up the 7 core numbers more simply:

  1. The Life Path – Describes the incarnate path that we must walk upon at this time, and lessons relating to the world around us.
  2. The Self  – Describes your native and inherent abilities and best defines who we are as a person.
  3. The Material Self – Describes your persona and your life/lessons within the material world.
  4. The Heart – Describes your inner most desires, some of which we may not even be aware of on a conscious level.
  5. The Material Heart – As it states, describes one’s desires in the material world.
  6. The Mind – Explains how we think and see things, our personality and our subconscious mind.
  7. The Material Mind – Best describes our thoughts when it comes to material reality.

Four of these have been described on this blog already, and the other three will be described in separate posts in the future. Until then, thank you for your patience.

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