This is a number of family and material pleasures. They are about the well being of their families to the point of being overprotecting of them. It deals in sensuality, and care must be taken not to overly indulge the senses. Otherwise, your creativity may suffer. Your overflowing love showers all those around you and you always have plenty to give to others, whether it be your love, your help or your time. This number usually has outstanding health unless it indulges in the senses. It often gets married and has an abundant family. It must remember to remain flexible in the face of changes. 41 represents fertility in all its forms. 41 experiences tests of integrity. It must avoid the hypocrisy of seeking honor and power in less honorable ways and using power for one’s self. Indeed, selfishness is its greatest pitfall.


The builder has ideas it wants to try out. These ideas overflow for others to take benefit from, which is one of the reasons why this is a great family number. It needs to be doing something useful, indicated by the 1 which stands for productive action. Being unproductive kill sits drive, which is too often caused by the scattering of energies in many directions, as indicated by the -3. Self indulgence is another danger, and this includes the common vices such as alcohol, sex and food. They generally try to create a loving environment that others can find peace in. Negatively, this number is associated with get rich quick schemers and gamblers looking to take advantage of others. It is then reckless with its spending and accrues debt for the thrill of the ride. Taking responsibility for the self is highlighted here. The power it acquires should be used for the good of others.

    • If I remember correctly, life got in the way at the time. I do have a desire to finish this to Master Number 99/9, however the problem is finding the time to do so. I might finish this at some point.

  1. I must say you are amazing! I have been researching on numerology and must have gone through 100’s of websites but none of the interpretations came so close to the truth. Looking forward for more updates from you. Thank you very much.

  2. Jesus Christ. I’ve been seeing this number for the past year. It just so happens to be my birthday. Other sites weren’t too specific. However as I’ve grown spiritually I searched deeper. Your website has been the at most accurate I think I’ve ever seen in my life. Thank you. This is what I needed to see. You’ve helped me. I can now help others.

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