The number 40 represents obstacles that must be cleared in order to reach an objective. However, these obstructions can be seen as part of a purification cycle that helps to better one’s life, especially if the right viewpoint is taken. This is a number that is also about patterns and life cycles, and how to construct the best ones for every day living. Sustainability and predictability also fall under this number. It is a hard worker that believes in a square deal. It represents tests of the self, of temptations and vices dealing with substance and the flesh. Negatively, this number may be lazy, wasteful and selfish. It may have a bad attitude about the limitations it must learn to live with. Compassion for others returns in like kind and 40 is a number that is depended upon by many to build their homes and businesses.


40 is an octave number, which means its greatest strengths are its greatest weaknesses as well. Therefore, all the strengths of the 4 are here: material planning, orderly growth, establishment of predictable patterns and so on. However, therein lies the weakness. It may become so obsessed about these things that they may do the same things over and over again and they may become boring. It needs to learn how to smell the roses once in a while and to simply enjoy life. Breaks in their routine revitalize their energies, and if they plod on without rest they can burn out, or perhaps a situation will occur that will make it rethink its routine. In any event, they will seek to become highly educated in the subjects that they like. Study is required to master them. Any education that reflects orderly growth and discipline is attractive to the positive 40.

  1. I so agree with most, but the selfishness, that is the hardest thing to be. I hit all but the neg. Side. As far as lazy, that can happen during the burn out stage. Which requires motivation of any kind. Can I be a 40 without the selfishness?

    • Hi Sharon, absolutely. Not everybody lives within the negative attributes of a number. If one is especially positive, then it is likely that said negative attributes wont even show up in one’s life. That being said, the Core Numbers tend to blend into each other like ingredients in a pot. Some numbers may make up the pitfalls of other numbers. Hope that helps.

    • Hi Maro, if you are referring to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, then his birth date is 28 August 1749 which sums as follows: 2 + 8 + 8 + 1 + 7 + 4 + 9 = 39. This digitally roots to 3 which makes sense for a man like him as 3 is the number of creative expression. It seems you were one digit off in your calculation. Hope that helps.

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