This is a number that wants to love all those that surround it. It desires an atmosphere of peace and contentment, surrounded by family and loved ones. It leads a long and healthy life. It always finishes what it starts. Romantic and inspired, it chases dreams that it wishes to make a reality. Negatively, 39’s are liars who telling tales that interweave between fact and fiction. Then, they forget about ever telling them. They have a rigid code of conduct they place upon themselves in every situation. It may have artistic tenancies but it must learn to keep its interest stimulated, otherwise it may move on to other projects. Negatively, it can have great difficulties with relationships. This number is like a shell full of potential, but the shell makes loving others and even one self trying.


This is a number that is all about loving relationships. The creative three is swimming in the ideals of the nine and nit picking the best dream for itself. Because of this, it often creates atmospheres that it likes to emotionally control. To other numbers, this can be irritating. It may do anything to keep this atmosphere afloat, even lying profusely. At this point, the 39 must realize that doping others on their theories will not win them the loving relationship they desire. Relationships are a two way street and require honesty and integrity. When it has established a fair and loving atmosphere, then it will be able to express what it desires and have its partner be open to it. This number can also be very selfless when called to be.

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