38 has a far reaching vision that can see many things that others cannot. This is also true if working the inverse: it can live within its own fantasy world and deny what is happening outside of itself. In either case, it is very imaginative. It is spiritual and depending upon the position in the chart, likes to teach these principles to others. This number is heavily oriented with family and loved ones, which will be in abundance for them. It is artistically gifted, intuitive and sensitive. It tends to accumulate some form of wealth during its life. Negatively, it gets lost within its own mind and loses all touch with reality. It must remain focused on what really matters, and learn what really makes it happy. 38 reduces to the Master Number 11, which also supports intuitive insights and ideas, but also tensions with others. In this case, it is more along the lines of social and visionary aspects. It further reduces to 2, as all digital rooted 2’s above 20 first reduce to 11.


The creative 3 is engaging the 8 which is of wealth, strength and material vision. This number may have problems staying grounded in reality, especially when it comes to relationships. It desires them greatly, but it builds its own preconceived ideas about them that may be far from what they really are. It needs to learn to ground itself and gain a true perspective of the situation. Often it is preoccupied by their visions which come through their dreams or perhaps other psychic experiences. The 3 sees a vision and its imagination goes ballistic, something that needs to be controlled. The imagination cannot be stifled, but it must be allowed to constructively flow through one’s life so that it benefits them instead of denying them the happiness they deserve. The key is channeling the imagination into some type of life work that will give the 38 a proper perspective on mundane reality. The +2 signifies one who can see both sides of a situation and desires to cooperate with others, but must learn how to do this. The 3 and the 8 behind the 2 indicates a number that wishes to connect with others in some form of expression or creativity. The negative -5 is a number that may lie, cheat or otherwise prove unfaithful unless this number is tamed. It indicates an overindulgence or some form of addiction, whether it be food, drugs, sex or otherwise.

    • Gev , how is your life so far?

      I was born on 9/7/1984 and my life is so though.

      a numorology expert told me that my numbers are so weak and hard to deal with and he is right actually.

      • Thanks a lot 🙂 Unfortunately that -5 part really something I struggled but now over it for sure. Wishing all 38/2s to have the same relief! :))

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