The number 37 is about going within to find spiritual values, and then using these values to set an example for others to follow. As a result, it is very reserved and knows how to hold its temper. It values the home it lives in, as it know it is the base from which all of its endeavors are launched. This number is attracted to international endeavors. You know how to be diplomatic with others in order to obtain your own desires. You may have a skill in taking advantage of any situation. Because of its desire for power, it has a hard time with relationships. Negatively, the anger it keeps bottled up underneath the personality explodes into violence. It is immoral, treacherous and dishonest to a great extent. It is advised to channel this inner anger into constructive projects to avoid losing what it has worked for.


The 37 looks into itself in order to gain its modes of free thought. This can be a very spiritual number, though this is not always apparent due to other numbers in the chart. It knows how to express itself well, and does this well in isolation. From isolation come insights, which are used to help lead others through negotiation. The -4 indicates a danger of bottling up emotions, which manifests as increased bullheadedness. These must be learned to be seen for what they are and channeled appropriately. It is attracted to religious and spiritual subjects, philosophy and the arts. The -4 also indicates being able to care for one’s family and home, but has a hard time expressing emotions required for a sustainable relationship. This is one reason why many 37’s do not have a significant other, but this may be overcome through negotiating with their other half and explaining one’s position, as they may not see your point of view on things.

  1. WRONG interpretation.
    37 is a great number. Its called the Royal Star of the Bull!
    Its spiritually inclined, thats true . But the beauty of this number is that it gives tremendous success in financial matters and partnership business. Its marvellous for craetive endeavers.
    People get attracted towards a 37 person. Its also great for love and sex.

    • This is true for the Chaldean interpretation, which is not the system that I use for this blog (pythagorean + my own interpretations).

  2. Hello, I have been seeing the number 37 everywhere, whether it be from looking on clocks, license plate numbers, addresses etc. My birthday does indeed add up to 37 as well. Is there any explanation on why I am seeing this number so much?

    1+2+2+9+1+9+9+4 = 37

    • Hi there, when a particular number is seen multiple times in succession it means that the situation which it appears in either vibrates to that number, or the situation brings lessons in association with that number. If the number in question is the Life Path, then it is a good time to stop and ask if one is learning the lessons inherent with that number. In other words, life is bringing lessons and situations aligned with the Life Path, but are they being seen for what they are?

      Hope that helps.

  3. Hi im a 37/ 1…13/09/1959…I am trying to find a path that will lead me to a satisfactory calling…before I am too old to change my existing life path…im hesitant confused and dare I say it need help…I don’t trust myself …I hope there is someone who can speak with me and give me some unbiased advice.

  4. Hi nick
    I am starting a business
    Name Number 37
    Day number 8
    Life bath 4
    Please tell me is this perfec Regads

  5. Hi Nick for most of my life I’ve believed I was a 3/7 10…my dob is 13 /09/1959…am I a 1/9 afterall? While im here I’ll ask another question if I may… I had an unusual upbringing …is it my personality or the eccentric lifestyle that creates my disassociation that has caused me to feel like a fish out of water.Hahaha No I don’t really expect an answer though I thought you could take a stable in the dark …ive used numerology since I was 14 it’s been my guide to navigate through the often rough waters of life.
    Anyway old mate thanks for your interesting site
    Cheers and be well Jo

    • Hi Joanne, I apologize for the late response. When adding the single digits straight across, the total is 37. In this case you have been right in terms of using this method of calculation, which much of those in western style Numerology use. 37 can be a bit eccentric as it must learn to follow it’s own path and this may not be in agreement with society. The number of insights it receives can make it want to express itself. Hope that helps.

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