The number 35 demands constant action and change. It travels constantly as it cannot stand to be cooped up in one place for long. It needs freedom and vitality. It is always moving and has a hard time slowing down. It tends to inherit wealth and power from other people. This number has a very forceful, yet balanced mentality. It needs to understand what the public wants in order to succeed. It possesses a calm outward appearance that belies the constant activity going on inside its head. Negatively, it is unreasonable to point of being overly stubborn. It can be narrow minded and unable to move with the times. However, with increased vision, these problems can be avoided. 35 can be very athletic and it often participates in sports and the military, where split second actions are demanded. Negatively, the 35 manipulates others for their own selfish benefit.


The social 3 is embracing the outgoing 5, which produces effort, show of force and great physical stamina. This number moves, and is not afraid to get what it wants. It loves action, so much that it hardly has any time to slow down as things are constantly thrown its way. Depending on other numbers in the chart, this not only relates to physical activity but mental as well. Obviously, moving so fast forces us to overlook details and this is one of its problems, indicated by the -2. This may creep back on them as time goes on. Learning how to be sensitive to others will be another issue to overcome. It’s natural to show others what you’re made of and expect the same in return, but this is not always the case. Many other numbers are more laid back and inhibited. This is why respecting others positions in life is another key trait of this number. This number works and plays hard, and as long as it does so with similar numbers and respects their points of view, it’s golden.

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  3. What are most specific type of exercises or health activity a 35/8 can do? Does it also matter based on zodiac? I am a Virgo with life path 35/8? So what exercise or health related activity I can do to bring the best out of me including which career choice would be the best for me ?

    • Hi Tanvir, I do not assign specific exercises to certain numbers as I feel it is better for each person to decide this for themselves. The numbers do have a relation to the zodiac, however this has not yet been incorporated into my system. As for a career, a 35 can go into many areas which require concentration and precision where its meddle can be tested. This can range from athletics to business to music performance. Hope that helps.

    • Yes, the numbers have varying degrees of compatibility with each other. I plan in writing these descriptions into my book when it is published, if they are not found on this blog beforehand. Thank you for asking.

  4. In the books could you write more specifically about the different zodiacs in their life path, compatibility, career choices etc… if possible with birth chart analyzation. Please if you could do a bit more by including exercise choices? Because honestly as you 35/8 do well with sports and military, it’s true because majority of my life has been about just that. So that’s why I am asking you. When is the book coming out? 35/8 are they good with yoga, meditation and healing practices?

  5. Terrance these things are important. Goodness is we be clear on things that are as delicate as this. There are people who are looking for ways to be the best they can be and have accurate answers to their life they are living and be sure in doing everything correctly. It brings us to our sense of responsibility. Everything has an effect on our brain chemistry ; a simple puff of smoke or a long run in the woods. If we don’t be ourselves on our path then we don’t fulfill our purpose in life. Gracious is we find the right piece of the puzzle to be unbreakable in our path and live life to the best of our ability.

  6. Doesn’t sound like me at all. I’m actually terrified of confrontation and a highly co dependent individual because I care so much about others needs

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