33 is well known to Numerologists as a Master Number. Traditionally, it has been depicted as the highest Master Number that could be achieved, ignoring other multiples of 11 (44, 55, etc.). As a result, it has been called the number of Christ consciousness and was given divine aspects. In reality, the number 33 functions just like any other number, albeit with Master Number characteristics. This number is a leader because it has great compassion and understanding towards others. It operates on a higher level of love and creativity. People are drawn to its seemingly friendly nature and indeed, the 33 loves to relate to others. It is extremely creative and imaginative and it is not unusual to find this number in the arts. However, it requires great courage in order to jump over every obstacle. This is turn may require sacrificing something to see it though, for others or yourself. But 33 does what it loves and is not discouraged.


33 is a Master Number and thus its anatomy is a bit different. Master Numbers are the only types of numbers where the negative value equals -0. This indicates that the challenges of all the other single cardinal numbers must be dealt with. This also includes a “-9,” which indicates problems with idealism and being overzealous, but also from living inside one’s own world, separate from reality. -0 is a challenge that denotes a high degree of sacrifice, conclusions, evolution and gullibility. Negatively, they try to help everyone they meet, but life’s circumstances will show them better. Trying to get along with the rest of the world and its people is also a common problem.

This is one reason why the Master Numbers are so difficult to live with. It takes time for someone with this number to acquaint themselves with it. Often times, Master Numbers are not fully expressed until later in life for this reason. This includes associating one self with every challenge apparent in the -0. This also includes the double 3, the 3 focusing upon itself, its same power doubled. If used correctly, a high level vibration of love (the +6) is manifested.

Two different personality types are often in association with 33: one that is a leader who is not afraid of living in the higher realms of love and sacrificing themselves for the betterment of a cause they believe in, and one that scatters their energies frivolously in sexual escapades, drug addictions and other self destructive behaviors.

  1. Hello numerology lovers!
    Can you please help me, I have a problem. There are many ways of reducing the birthdate. And everyone ends up different. I don’t know what to think about it…
    My birthdate is 14. November 1988

    What do you think?
    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hi Marie, the method used here is all digits added straight across. So in your case, your birth date does indeed equal 33, a number dealing with so many possibilities. Hope that helps!

    • Yes, you are 33/6. The way to add up the numbers is each digit singularly…I’d like to meet a 33/6 Scorpio girl, I think that’s an interesting combination šŸ™‚

  2. You do not break down master numbers November is the number 11 , that does not break into a two . For accuracy I enjoy Gary the numbers guy .

    • Others do that, but that is not what is done here. Whether you consider that correct or not is for your own consideration.

  3. I think I’m 33 (26/10/1995) and have used my energy to manifest some weirdness into my reality.. I got this idea in my head that whatever I speak, live, and believe in wholeheartedly, that it would become reality – so I started experimenting by telling everyone that I would win the lotto.. Now I haven’t exactly “won” the lotto (yet), but I do seem to be getting a higher than average success rate with guessing 2 or 3 numbers correctly more than 50% of the time.. What’s even weirder is that I can swear that on this tablecloth at my mom’s house, decorated with names of different coffees, some of the words that were previously “latte” changed to lotto.. I don’t know what the word lotto has to do with coffee, but it seems like something has happened or is happening..

    I also consider this as something that anyone can do, not just me or other 33’s – I didn’t even know I had anything to do with 33 up until I found this blog (but always saw the number as significant), I thought my life path was just a 6, kinda overlooked that, lol.. Also, the number 27 has been very apparent in my life, finding it wherever my head turns and started showing itself after I began practicing in my first band.. It scares me, but also made me curious enough to pursue the significance of other numbers and symbolism in general.. I look forward to hearing your thoughts šŸ™‚

    • Hi De Wet, what you’re talking about is commonly known as the Law of Attraction. Some people may be more aware of it than others of course, depending on their understanding of their current reality. One’s Life Path may determine how one may see and understand its workings. When telling people you’ll do things, this creates a scenario in their reality and may project expectations upon the outcome, which would influence the original intent. Also, whenever a number shows up in one’s life repeatedly it is something to take note of and understand its meaning. Hope that helps.

  4. I’m Matthew. Birthdate is 12/29/1992. I am goal oriented and have studied a lot of philosophy, but I struggle with intense uncertainty and anxiety. I think my number may be 84 or 42 or 842. Can you help?

  5. I’m a 38/11 lifepath and my girlfriend is 33/6 lifepath. Our meeting was like meant to happen. I keep seeing number 33 often and she keeps seeing number 11 very often. I don’t know what this could signify. I currently quit my steady paying job to follow my heart. (Basically I still haven’t figured that out yet) but one thing is for sure I quit so that i could be with my girlfriend. anyone who has a girlfriend/spouse also a master number? What would be your advise?

  6. Hi Nick, Just to clarify on the above comment. What would your advise be on the relationship combination of master numbers 38/11 and 33/6?

    • Hi Sai, best I can say is to remember to keep your feet on the ground and not get whisked away totally. There’s strong love energies here that can sweep both up and it is important to remain practical. Hope that helps.

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