The number 32 signifies an outgoing and creative individual (3) seeking to relate to others (2). This number tends to be individualistic and one of a kind. Their ability to look at life positively makes them very versatile and adaptable in their dealings. They often have a large skill-set to use at their disposal, and the number 32 will demand they be flexible to the ever changing demands of their environment. This number is charming and dominant in conversation, it knows what it wants and is not afraid to get it. The downfall of this number is personal pride: it turns would-be friends into enemies, leaving this number to wallow in its despair. Positions of authority deteriorate the personality of 32 if not kept in check.


Here, the 3 is focused on cooperating with others. This results in extensive networking, changes, and new adventures. The key here is the sense of self, for this widely determines which way this number will swing. Is he self confident? Is he willing to engage with others? How determined is he in obtaining what he wants? Is he being serious, or is he just here for the frills? This number has a danger with obsessive self satisfaction in the forms of food, drugs, money sex and otherwise. This is a danger for all +5’s, but with a -1 the independence from such a lifestyle may be a struggle. The key is to associate one self with the right people, and using group dynamics to learn how to get from a situation what you desire.

  1. Can I just point something out? Well I think your blog really detailed but, like most people who write about numerology you seem to have something against 5s, saying that they are just impulsive materialists, and considering my self is 32/5 my heart is 14/5 and my life path number is 50/5, I have a lot of fives, and I really don’t believe that is all fives are good for, also my hearts desire/hidden passion is 5 and 9 so yeah another 5, firstly I’m not trying to disprove what your saying, but how can someone seriously be completely like that, I know I’m certainly not, perhaps that’s my 18/9 mind and 16/7 birth number smoothing it out a bit, but seriously it just seems so closed minded, probably numerologists don’t have any fives so they just bash them and go on about their beautiful 7s etc. I just wish someone would say something different, maybe they’re interpreting the idea of ‘freedom’ wrong, maybe that doesn’t just mean indulgence, obviously! But nobody seems to recognise that, and it is infuriating!! I still think your blog is cool but please, fives are not that bad:)

    • Well, that’s one way of nicely saying that I’m narrow minded. Of course that’s your opinion, which I believe is incorrect. Out of all the people I’ve had confrontations with, much of them have been Life Path 5’s. I am a Life Path 2. It is no secret that 5s and 2s do not get along. At all.

      First of all, you are judging this by only the first few opening sentences of 32/5. Notice that I say just ahead of this “It is charming and dominant” which fits your writing perfectly and that personal pride is it’s downfall. The second thing is that one number does not explain your entire chart. Like you pointed out, you have several other numbers, mostly rooted in 5. Those numbers are all different from the 32/5 and so must be weighed carefully for what they are.

      I said what I said because it is a common pitfall for 5’s to fall into. Freedom is often misinterpreted to mean to overindulge the senses, when in reality it should be used constructively. It is warning to those with this number to use their freedom in a more constructive manner than to just waste it on selfish means. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you personally indulge in these activities.

      To help clarify my point, I will make a slight edit that will make all the difference in the world I think. Sorry you didn’t like my description, hopefully you’ll find someone else that’s better.

      • Ok, I’m sorry if I offended you:) I really didn’t mean it in that way, and you don’t actually realise how hard it was to write ‘I’m certainly not’, because I kinda think that is why you seem to think I have a pride issue, but what I really meant is that there are some qualities to fives which people seem to overlook because they are trying to establish differences between each number identity, and these sort of blur the boundaries, like you call it ‘personal pride’ but some could call it ‘righteousness’, and I know these basically mean the same thing, but one is saying the person doesn’t understand humility, and the other is saying that the person kinda finds it mildly irritating when people seem to group 5s (in this case) as the typical hedonists and can’t really bear to think they may have a softer, more sensitive side, because they are so irritating (yes I know I am irritating sometimes, and I’m not just trying to disprove what you said about pride, and saying that now you probably think I’m being tactical but I’m not)

        And, also I didn’t say you were closed minded, I said the idea was closed minded, and just because you have used this idea, does not mean that I think you are closed minded, and the thing about 2s and 5s not getting along, I really don’t think that’s not possible, I can see where you are coming from, but can’t everyone just get over their irritations, my sister has a life path 2 and she finds me infuriating sometimes because I’m so stubborn. But hey, we just learned to cope with it:) Ok, now I bet you’ll think that I’m saying I know more than you, god, I obviously don’t, your blog is the most insightful numerology blog I’ve found (I wouldn’t have commented otherwise), and I’m not saying that to be ‘charming’ or whatever else is a dishonest five trait, but hey:)

        All I’m trying to say is sorry, and I know you think I’m lying but I’m not, and it’s really annoying to keep saying that:)

    • I don’t think I can manage to type that many smiles into one post. I think you deserve a achievement for staying positive.

      The jist of it is, I haven’t had too many personal experiences with Life Path 5’s so I’m forced to rely on my perspective of them. They seem to be slippery on the surface of life, traveling from one experience to another so the perspective of “hopping” from one thing to another is understandable. They are go-getters like 1’s, but are not as narrow minded as they are. 5’s can be seen as irritating because they go through so many experiences that often times they skip the details or finer lines of said experience so they can move on. That’s my perspective, but of course actually meeting Life Path 5’s triumph over said observations.

      You make a good point about sensitivity. All numbers are sensitive to some degree, the question is how that is dealt with. It can be a problem for 7’s for instance unless they learn to open their heart centers. I would imagine the 5’s senses to the environment to be more sensitive than most, picking up things that most numbers would miss. I am sure 5’s have a soft side like all other numbers. But is this understood for what it is? Different numbers express their tender sides in different ways. 4’s like to have their actions speak for themselves for instance. But the 3’s want the social ritual that usually comes with relationships with the dreamy one liners and witty expressions to woo them over (and other similar techniques). So it depends on the numbers and their positions, especially the soul number when it comes to the softer sides. My soul is a 44/8 for instance which most find challenging to deal with. 🙂

      So my former idea was closed minded because of my lack of experience with Life Path 5 basically. That’s just another case of ignorance on my part, nothing unusual.

      I’m not saying it’s impossible for 2 and 5 to get along. In this materialistic society, it is not what is usually sought after. 2 + 5 = 7, spirituality, insight, analysis, eccentricity. It is simply another path to the spiritual 7. All paths can be undertaken if they wish (i.e. 1 + 3 = 4, 5 + 6 = 2 and so forth), the problem is getting there within the mindset of the society one lives within. Society itself is a certain range of perspectives for mass consciousness and this tends to direct the thoughts of those who live within it unless a being realizes this his/herself, and can direct their own energy his/herself.

      Don’t worry about it, you’re a sweet person and I appreciate you thoroughly explaining yourself. The negative thoughts in my head sound similar so I don’t have to repeat myself there. I just have had a hard time getting along with Life Path 5’s in the past, though the rest of the chart tells the entire story. The last person I knew had a LP 5, but her soul was 33/6 and she was constantly locked inside a state of perpetual despair (negative master number potential) to the point that I had to break off contact with her. But minus the negativity, I am finding a very similar attitude here, with everything that is being said countered with the opinion from the “other side” which is interesting.

      • As a 32/5, I don’t disagree. There is a tendency for impulsiveness is 5. But I think instead of seeing as an impersonal point, she took it personal. Numbers are about facts not emotional or anything else. Maybe it doesn’t apply to you or maybe it does and you’ve mastered that as an issue. But it doesn’t mean it DOES NOT apply to other 5’s. The impassivity comes out as addiction in 23/5’s in my personal opinion more thatn 32/5, only because of the drive and initiative that we have. We like control and freedom at the same time. Control over ourselves and in the negative over others. Sometimes negative things can become positive or growth points. We are also very very sensitive. 😀 haha If I could compare how we are to astrology, we’re very similar to Cancers and Dragons. Cancers will eat away their sadness/emotions. Dragons will fight their way out.

  2. Would this page apply to someone who’s birth date adds up to 32, for example 1991 06 24 (1+9+9+1+0+6+2+4)? Where does the 5 in this text come from, and the minus 1? Thankful for explanation.

  3. Hello! 🙂
    I find your report on life path 5 sadly based on negativity and not very fitting. You write that you had personal problems with life path 5 persons in the past. I would advise you to work on that. Do you pray or meditate? Aks for assistance that you can forgive and let go of it. In my opinion it is not fair writing such a negative report, because it could have a bad influence on persons with low self-esteem or personal issues and often these persons look out for numerology to help them.
    You are wrong if you think that what you write defines life path 5. I’m life path 5 and very honestly nothing resonates with me except that I like freedom (in a positive way!) I often change projects, because new interesting things attract me, and I’m interested in many things, what you call stepping on many toes, I think. Just to give you an example, in other numerology reports this is called versatility and inspiration, which shows the positive side of it.
    If you point out a negative aspect or warning, you should also mention the positive side of it. Know, that in our universe there can’t exist “bad” life path numbers, because every individual is born with its divine life path and soul mission to complete and we are all divine spiritual beings that should thrive and use our innate talents for the very best.
    I don’t know why your description mostly doesn’t fit and where you got your information on that. I would agree with Lisette that materialism really isn’t a caracter trade neither extreme dominance or doing everything for self satisfaction. What least fits is gambling at the stock market and selling products aggressivly. I really had to laugh – sorry! 😉
    I guess that life path 5 might be difficult to capture because of its versatility, but for me it means: versatility, many interests and talents, wanting to share ones knowledge, help others and work with other people, personal freedom and living ones individuality and creativeness, inspiration. Routine and repetitive tasks are definitely not for 5s, but that doesn’t mean that they are not responsible. Just don’t choose an office job then.
    But please people – always see the positive sides and use them to fullfill your divine life path and purpose! You were born 5 in order to offer your divine talents to everyone! 🙂 Sorry for mistakes, I’m not a native speaker. 😉

    • Hi, you are correct. This write up of the number 32 is more negative than it should be. I have found that every Numerologist has a number they have a hard time explaining correctly, much like how all of us have our good and bad numbers. For myself it is the 5, much of it due to the core numbers in my chart that are incompatible with it, which lead to negative experiences as you mentioned. The comments here certainly don’t help with that…

      However, that being said I’m going to rewrite this post, especially since it’s 2 years old (as of this writing) and my views on the number have changed significantly since then. Thanks for your constructive feedback.

      • Thank you for your quick reply! 🙂
        I’m glad that you don’t feel offended, because I worried about that. I really mean good!
        Also I perfectly understand that you are influenced by your bad experiences. Everyone of us has made such experiences, which can lead us to have prejudices for some people unfortunately. I struggle with that, too, but don’t tell it publicly to not influence other people. I know that many things that bother us in other people are reflections of our own problems or sides that we have problems facing etc. But even knowing this it’s hard to overcome.
        Thank you very much for reviewing your description a bit so that persons with life path 5 don’t despair when they read it the first time and question their life path. 😉 Be blessed by the universe, the divine and our angels and all divine beings! <3

  4. I am a 32/5 and I’ve been friends with many. My son is a 23/5. We can be perceived by others as causing conflict or being confrontational even for sure. The understanding I have from the Life Path book of numerology, written by the same author that wrote The Peaceful Warrior is that the path of the 5 is that of a warrior. We stand up for justice and will fight the good fight! 5 is the magician so we tap into the metaphysical world and can be like a sorcerer. We are misunderstood because the reality most live in is only what we see or what we have been taught. 5 people will 9 times out of 10 take the road less traveled. We are rebels, unconventional at times and resourceful. Quick on our feet, jack of all trades, master of none. If you are friends with a 5 you are fortunate!

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