The number 31 is a creative force seeking to establish itself upon the material plane. It is skillful in organizing people together into a cohesive whole, and has a desire to coordinate whatever it gets into. They go after their goals with tenacity, though may face dangers of being overworked. Many would prefer to have their own business, where they do not have to subject their independence under another, or at least work towards a high level position in a corporation where upper management is not so stringent. They have a great dislike towards dishonest people and will not be afraid to point this out. Oftentimes they will come across dangers unexpectedly: these may be avoided if they listen to their intuition. Their home life is very important to them. They can be cheerful and optimistic to be around, but nasty when the opposite: the key is balancing these two extremes.


Here, the creative 3 focuses on self achievement, attainment and independence which produces a constructive effort (+4) towards their goals. This number cares for the unity of a group towards a constructive goal. They understand the struggles and limitations of material reality and work to understand how to best harmonize themselves with natural law. The key catalyst towards this effort is cooperation with others (-2), which is something they strive to achieve.  It does not mind helping others out on their own endeavors, especially if the goal requires multiple people to accomplish a project. Keeping themselves balanced is important, as life can throw them to extremes and set off nasty behaviors if they are not careful.

  1. Thank you for this analysis. My husband and I both have this cobmination. Two fiery lawyers in the house. It gets explosive in here! Haha.

  2. Well, I don’t know if this fits. I am not a fighter. Non confrontational… I prefer harmony to discord, always. Maybe the energy manifested differently in me. I like mild competition, I suppose. I definitely don’t have a chip on my shoulder at all. I never initiate battles wherever I go. I really don’t feel this is accurate

    • This post was made 4 years ago, and so I have updated it with better explanations. Still, one number does not make up your entire chart. I would go through your other numbers (Self, Heart, Mind, etc) and understand the dynamics of each which should help to give a better overall picture.

  3. Lol its funny that natalie felt offended enough by this to write a comment… maybe bc theres a chip on yer shoulder ey ey eyyy

    Coming from your friend a 35

    • Thank you, I removed it after rereading what he wrote. His 31/4 assessment was not quite accurate, i.e. trying to market on the line of what would be considered spam.

  4. I’m a 33 and I like a man that’s a 31/4 and he stands up for what’s right and is very passionate. I like his firey side. 🙂 and he’s very good at making music.

  5. I consider myself a 31/4. 3+2+3+1+9+5+8= 31/4. But it gets confusing when numerologists calculate the lifepath i.e. Lately I received a report that stated I was a master number 22/4.
    3+23+1958=1984=22/4 imagine my surprise, Then there is 3+5+5=13/4. Now I have to worry about Karmic debt. Can’t there be a more standard method of calculating?

    • Hi terry, the many ways of calculating the Life Path is one of the issues facing modern Numerology. The reason is because the word Numerology itself adds up to 55/1, the Master Number devoted to new ideas, pioneers and leaders who refuse to follow or cooperate with anyone else. Thus Numerologists tend to follow their own paths. The first calculation of the Life Path is the most commonly accepted version. This method is used here as well because remaining consistent in the way one calculates data is important. The birth name for example is calculated in the same way, all numbers added together straight across. There are many that would rather desire to see a certain result and forgo any consistency in the method of calculation. Sadly, Numerology (55/1) is not as organized as Astrology (42/6) where members have groups and conferences to discuss accepted methods of divination. The 42/6 is a number of community and organization and so this naturally occurs with Astrologists, but not so much with Numerologists who tend to pioneer out of their own will caring little for fellow Numerologists or being part of a community, hence why the supposed lack of agreement of certain methods. Hope that helps.

  6. numerology is completely demonic. Who are we to decide our life path. It is God who created us. We are responsible for our life and we can change it definitely

  7. I’m a 31/4. Classic step-repeater b/c I think I can take shortcuts!
    Your nummerology description is spot-on regarding mmany points.
    The last 2 1/2 years of wild ups & downs, I quit mmy job – which showed no prommise or real growth, no mmatter how hard or smmart I worked and how flexible (read one-sided here) I was It drove mme insane to the point of not giving a sh!t at all & I care deeply about lots of people & things.
    I got a really nice job offer 2 weeks before I quit but in the end it f was not for mme.
    So, tommorrow I will get a call fromm the Fluniverse of I have a new opportunity in a total different sector where I can put my foot forward …a coveted sales associate job die a world fammous Camadian shoe commpany expanding territory in Amsterdam NL.
    I’ve been getting calls non-stop since I quit mmy barista job fromm various source of restaurants and hotels, with somme prommising looking lotions!
    Whatever happens I feel the universe is vying for mmy 20 years+ experience and I will be sure that it is a two-way harmonious working plan conducive to mmutual benefits of all.
    Life is to short to settle!!!

  8. I’m an 11/2 lifepath and personality number. I’m finding using more than one method is very revealing. Intuition and imagination in the mind real time is more key to having just one set method of numerology but all the ‘mirrors’ are welcome. If the question is hard i.e. which method should I choose or which one is right? Then there must be a simple answer and that is all will help, all reveal truths. Reality for you is ever renewing to your individual experience so go with the flow and accept whatever information present is synchronised to your ongoing thought pattern.

    • Hi Esther, not sure what this has to do with 31/4 but I’ll answer this.

      The standard way to calculate the Life Path is adding all single digits, so your general life path is 28/1. However, in more advanced Numerology there are layers of Life Paths and one of these includes retaining the double digits of the month and day. In your case, 10 + 8 + 19 = 37/1.

  9. Esther and other need to learn manners, you provide a beautiful amount of useful, considered information too. So, thank you.

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