The number 30 indicates a life of conventional living. Where ever it is found, it indicates cleverness and skill. It brings material comforts, but 30 is idealistic and may shun all of this for some religious or personal ideal. It is found in many vocations, from lawyers and judges to actors and musicians. This expresses the duality of the 3 itself, that of simple conventional living, versus expressing one self in the face of conventionality. It is important for this number to control its sexual energy in a practical manner, otherwise it may easy go out of control. 30’s charm and charisma may heavily depend on this. In either event, 30 brings happiness into the lives of many people.


This is known as an octave number, which is any compound number that ends with zero. It is the beginning of the double number sequence, and represents best the single digit found within a decade of double numbers (the number 1 in 10-19, etc.) In every case, an octave number’s greatest strength is its greatest weakness. Therefore, in order to express itself correctly in the arts, it must first know how to keep itself disciplined and focused on one goal at a time so that it doesn’t scatter its energy. It cannot express itself if it scatters itself in frivolous activities. Likewise, if expressing the 30’s conventional nature, it needs to keep itself within conventional means in order to do so. Therefore, it should be no surprise that octave numbers often become hypocrites, saying the positive trait of one number and doing the negative of the same number. The 30 especially needs to be careful as it likes to talk and needs to say only what it practices. The danger is saying what it should be doing, and in reality is doing the opposite. Say what you are really doing.

  1. thanks i received a lot from it . but can u help me plz my birth is 30 -12 -1982.and all u told is true now 6 is in my date of birth how can i save bcz i wanna become a great speaker plz drop me the ans on inbox

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