The number 29 serves as a Master Number. This number demands more than others do. It is very demanding, but it is also very indecisive and anxious. It needs to learn to make up its mind in key situations. It has an ability to look beyond the ordinary world and see the use of its abilities. Numerically, the number represents “wisdom when dealing with others.” They have excellent ideas, and often times they are artists or inventors. Negatively, 29 has a hard time expressing itself. Fears, pride and anxiety build up and nothing is able to get out. This may lead to several disorders. But once the 29 confronts their fears and gain self confidence, they can enlighten the world around them with their visions.


2 and 9 together indicates dealing with others on some type of scale. This scale can be as small as a work group or as large as an audience. Either way, it is all about the cooperation within a group dynamic of some kind. Since working with groups constructs a hive mind, self analysis will be lacking which is indicated by the -7. If kept in check and the holder recognizes the importance of self analysis gaining new perspectives, his conclusions can only help keep the group dynamic together. Otherwise, if the group is simply allowed to superficially drift on notions and assumptions and too afraid to look inside of themselves, events may begin to rock the foundations, which will force analysis in any case. The self sacrificing nature of the 9 also cannot be ignored here. The 2 is chiefly focusing on the 9, and sacrifice may be a bit much at times for the already complacent 2 who often acts like a doormat in many affairs. Once again the -7 rears its head: faith in one self. But once it finds its spiritual self, 29 operates on a whole other level.

  1. my date of arrival is 11-3-1977. some would reduce these numbers to 29, and others, who do not reduced the 11, would arrive at 20.
    however, in my research so far, i have found 2 and 11 are often interchangeable. behind every 2 is an 11.
    what’s your insight on this subject?

    • The 2 is often a tense number because it is usually behind an 11, this is true. For a number about cooperation and understanding the other, this is reflected in tensions that can arise…or insight in the positive sense.

      Numerologists have their own method of calculating the life path. Some reduce each aspect of the birthdate regardless of master numbers, some refuse to to ever reduce master numbers in any calculation.

      As far as my practice goes, I see no reason why master numbers should be treated special: they are like any other number but with enhanced properties due to repeated digits. I add straight across to determine the life path in any case, but I believe master numbers should be treated like other numbers when it comes to calculations, then noted for what they are.

      That being said, your birthdate here does equal 29. If one decides to reduce their birthdate aspects to single digits, then this must be done to the name as well for consistency. I find that compound numbers tell a greater story however, and that single digits, though easier to interpret are more of a broad explanation rather than a detailed analysis. The process of reduction is mainly done for simplicity and not entirely for accuracy. I would stick to the 29.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thank you for your input. i am just grateful to come across others who are intrigued and can relate to the same degree as myself regarding numerology.
        The proper method in determining the 2/11 is one repeating inconsistency i found in the countless books i read on this subject.

  2. If a name adds up to number 29, should I further reduce it to 11 and 2 or stop at 11? Please help me. This has been tormenting me for some time now.

    • Hi S, both are acceptable. However, the true sum of 29 is 2 because 2 + 9 = 11 and 1 + 1 = 2. There are many Numerologists that insist upon leaving 11 unreduced, citing its status as a “Master Number” as the reason. While 11 does have important properties, doing this tends to confuse people and ignores the properties of the 2 that every 11 has within. My shorthand for such numbers is to put the final sum directly after the compound, aka 29/2. 68 is another example. 6 + 8 = 14. 1 + 4 = 5. Therefore, 68/5. To write the true levels of the number 29, one would say 29/11/2. But, 29/2 is a shorthand way of saying that in this system.

      Hope that helps!

  3. hi thanks in adv.
    my lifepath 13-8-1970=29=2
    born on 13th aug=4
    my full names comes on 8 in chaldean
    what should i do , pls help mei hv seen so much in life.. i faced problms in every field . kindly suggest me.
    which name no i should choose. i can not pay fees thatswhy i could not get any consultancy so far.u seema good soul pls reply me. ..pls

    • Hi amigo, please refer to this page in regards to the 29. It can be a difficult number with spiritual undertones. As far as Chaldean, I do not offer that here unfortunately. The primary system used is Pythagorean. Hope that helps.

    • Hi Christian, if one trains the mind to see certain numbers at certain times of the day this is doable. Also, if one thinks about them often then the law of manifestation can make them appear in reality. Hope that helps.

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