The number 27 is very creative and original. It thinks on its own while weighing in the opinions of others, but in the end it follows its own ideas. It is beginning to understand life on a spiritual level, developing empathy. As a result, it likes to help other people with their problems. It has leadership abilities. Negatively, 27 can be thoughtless and barren, unable to come up with any ideas. This can lead to indecision. 27 lives with simplicity and honesty, and it also has an artistic sense. It can become a teacher, able to share knowledge with others on a variety of subjects. It may also be involved in law, where disputes between two parties are resolved. It must learn how to use its ideas for the benefit of others.


This number make up is good for a teacher or for someone who likes to give good advice. It is a thinker and is often critical of others. It must learn to not set the bar so high that it wont be able to reach it. This can lead to escapism and overindulgence as indicated by the -5. Another problem is being able to find a profession and settling down with it. It knows how to deal with people and goes through a number of them. The challenge is being able to stick to them long enough to develop something worthwhile. Sort term relationships may be common unless that initial “thrill” is kept alive with new experiences and insights. You don’t like to attach your feet, but at the same time you need something to work out from.

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