The 26 takes care of greater responsibilities. You learn about the world around you through experience, and this is how you develop your self-confidence. It can be impulsive and must learn to develop self control. It is very enthusiastic and knows how to fit into any situation. They are very loyal and faithful. Often times it is associated with talkers and excellent communicators. It deals with others easily and freely, but must be careful to not be taken advantage of. Material expansion and acquisition is a constant focus. Negatively, it likes to cause mischief and it can be very superficial. This can be a karmic number, so whatever this number does can “come back around” to them at some point in time.


This number has lessons based upon the earth numbers +8 and -4. This indicates a strictly materialistic personality who believes in the world of what they see. Superficiality is not uncommon here. It is very physical and could well in sports or the military. It has a general persistence that can lead them to success. However, the -4 indicates someone sticking to the tied and true when there are better options available. Essentially, a stick in the mud. It can be thick headed, especially with the +8. Often times, only life experience can show them otherwise. It must base its conclusions on facts and not on unwanted fears and insecurities. It is easy going, but should not make excuses to be lazy or indolent. Instead, it should push forward with its plans. Helping others with generosity can help further its own goals. It should take care to not have too much of anything and to share their abundance when needed.

  1. Thank you for this site. I have deeply appreciated numerology since I discovered it at age 11. I’ve read about my 26/8 personality many times & have always been grateful to hear such accurate & objective insights into my strengths, shortcomings, dreams and challenges. Surprisingly, your 26/8 observations do not resemble me in the slightest and are so different from any I’ve ever read. Are you able to discuss your process of coming to these descriptions and what your sources are? Thank you again!

    • I have many sources, and using these I arrive at my own conclusions based upon what experiences I do have with that number in particular. Some of these sources are:

      Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javanne
      The Numerology Workbook by Julia Line
      Numerology: Spiritual Light Vibrations by Jeanne
      The King’s Book of Numerology by Richard Andrew King
      The Unveiled Numerology by Wilfrid Pochat

      There’s many more (I own over 80 Numerology books), but as far as the dualistic approach that I take in the numbers explained here, this is largely my own work with a bit of insight from Richard Andrew King. It’s funny because I wrote this a year ago and I feel I should rewrite some of it after experiences from the past year.

      I take a dualistic approach as the +/- explanation shows, the positive indicating how one can better his or herself (the +8 here signifies respect) and the negative being the pitfalls that must be avoided if one seeks to be balanced. In this case, -4 being dogmatic, resistant to change and/or a workaholic. It gets very complex once each compound number in the Life Path, Destiny etc. is analyzed in this way.

      In any case, the personality (consonant total if that’s what you are implying) does not make up the full chart of course. It is simply how others perceive you, not who we really are and is not as important as many of the other numbers. Life Path, Destiny, Soul, Pinnacles/Challenges, number of letters, quantity of numbers in a name…all play a part.

      I hope that helps and I’m sorry that the explanation above was not accurate for you.

  2. Why your descriptions are so unique, and are refreshing.

    [I wrote this a year ago and I feel I should rewrite some of it after experiences from the past year.]

    It would be the case that experience accumulates more
    with knowledge gained than text.
    Again, others say 26 is almost a horrid number.

    And your description is more focused on the numbers — and where they are place,
    and less on what almost all keep emulating online.

    So any update is essential,
    and if this irks some, ahem.

    It is preferred to be objective, than give in to the masses, or a few, too.

  3. 26 is the most negative and evil number. 2 and 6 are the most negative numbers, and the eight is an accomplished liar/evil politician.

  4. In fact, 26 is represented by the most demonic, senseless, and destructive politicians the US has ever had. Its a weak, insecure, feminine, power-hungry number.

  5. Thomas,
    I have this number, I am not from the US, don’t practice in politics, believe everyone has insecurities, not weak, power hungry or feminine.

    By making these typed of comments, you Thomas are the one who is weak and some might say, evil. You have judged before making an effort to know the person/s

  6. The reason I believe numerology and astrology is half truths is because it contradictes itself so easily without explanation. Also no one can actually state why it’s an definite knowledge.
    My so called “birth card” is suppose to be the most spiritual in the deck yet my “life path” states I’m strictly a person of physicality. Matter over spirit so to speak. So which one is it? I can confidently say I’m highly spiritual and I believe in God. Confusion isn’t of love but of pure wickedness…

    • Hi Jaz, contradictions would not exist if they weren’t possible to resolve. Also, I do not know what a birth card is and neither do I advocate those on this site.

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