24 is a family vibration, chiefly rooted in the domestic scene. It has a tendency to be cared for by other numbers. It loves to see things grow, and this can be anywhere from children, animals and/or the garden. Indeed, this number tends to have children, or at least be surrounded by them. It must be careful not to let its fears sway its better judgment. It longs for a connection with nature, so living in the countryside would be more preferable than the city. They are empathetic, and ready to help others in need. It must be careful to not dominate others under their will, and allow others in the household freedom of expression. Negatively, they may try to manipulate the environment to their own advantage. While this number bears more responsibilities than many of the other numbers, it does so with a loving heart and the recipients are thankful for their service.


This is a very home loving number. It strives for conservatism and traditional family values, as the cooperative 2 is focusing on the constructive and traditional 4. It loves with a generous heart, and many relationships thrive under this number. Being composed entirely of even numbers, it is very receptive and is taken care of by others. The problem is its timidity and oversensitivity, which gives way to fears and insecurities. The -2 in this position indicates a co-dependent attitude in life. It finds living on its own very difficult, and it needs constant companionship. It must learn to love others not based upon its own fear. In this light, the 24 may be insensitive to the beliefs of others and close itself in. It needs a strong partner it can trust to help show them otherwise. Relationships are a two way street. It can have intense dreams and premonitions to use in its waking life.

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  2. Wow! I have heard of numerology but don’t know much about it. A friend told me I’m a 24/6 so I looked this up & I’m surprised because this so accurately describes me in detail. I’m absolutely stunned! It’s like the kind of stuff I know about myself but put on a show so most people don’t know those things about me but, wow!

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