23/5 is a very quick, clever and witty number that can do well in the material world. A key part of this number is exercise: it not only helps to keep your physical components flowing, but it keeps your ideas of the mental world flowing as well. 23 is an excellent communicator and knows how to get its ideas across. It must constantly live in a lively and ever changing environment, as it absolutely hates stagnant situations. 23 is friendly with others, but it must guard against being too thick headed and strict. 23 is the type of number that can end a fight relatively quickly. It must watch out for its selfishness: it can take them on a whim and they wont even know it before its too late. Escapism and thrills such as alcohol, food, drugs and sex can lead to addictions and loss of health if left unchecked.


The cooperative 2 is focused on socializing and working with others within group dynamics. This leads to adventures and many unexpected experiences. Because of the -1, this can be a great leader if used in the positive, effectively able to direct large groups for a common goal. It is able to direct the dynamics of its social sphere. It is also one of the numbers that loves to throw a great party and enjoy itself with other numbers. Dominant and forceful, this can problems in relationships (unless the other was fine with it). Like its counterpart 32, it must be careful not to step on too many toes. 23 can be cowardly at times, especially when will power has not been fully developed. This is a shame, because will power can open many doors to greater experiences. This number must learn to be adventurous and to go with the flow. It should not think about taking advantage of others for its own benefit: this will only result in karma in the long run. It should think about others positive attrubuts and how it can weave its abilities with theirs.

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