Widely considered to be the highest Master Number by many authors, it has been glorified as a number that builds large institutions and big projects, and as a result has not been thoroughly explained except by a handful of authors. Many have the perception that the 22/4 is the ultimate potential of sorts and resign themselves to this fact, as if using this as an excuse to not understand the number further. Who could understand the so-called “top dog” number unless one had it in their chart? The truth is that the 22/4 is neither the top Master Number nor the number that signifies the ultimate potential, for potential lies in the choices and integrity of the individual. The numbers are a guide as to the makeup of the individual, but if a person cannot integrate himself properly, then none of it matters.

Nevertheless, the 22 is a hard working number who in some ways is destined to achieve something in life. The question is whether he works in physical reality or simply works inside of his own mind. If he’s a dreamer, he only wakes up to the dangers around him when they knock on his front door, and by then, it’s too late. The tarot equivalent of this number is The Fool.


22 is a Master Number and thus its anatomy is a bit different. Master Numbers are the only types of numbers where the negative value equals -0. This indicates that the challenges of all the other single cardinal numbers must be dealt with. This also includes a “-9,” which indicates problems with idealism and being overzealous, but also from living inside one’s own world, separate from reality.

22 is an interesting number. With double sensitivity and cooperation, it can either build great ventures with others or be severely limited by its own inhibitions. These inhibitions are caused by great emotional turmoils that stem from the making or breaking of one’s ideals of the world, indicated by the -0. Thus a more realistic viewpoint of reality must first be established before this number can begin to build something with others. And this is exactly what this number does: it brings together large groups for a common constructive goal, usually practical in origin for the betterment of everyone involved. It is due in part to the 22’s selflessness that all of this is able to happen. Selflessness is a common trait in Master Numbers working in the positive, which is one reason why they are difficult to work with. Negatively, guard exploiting the group for profit and avoid corrupting your ranks for the sake of material goods.

  1. I am a life path 11, and a personality number 22, and this is such a relief to read.

    My qualities aren’t integrating well, and I’m told my by therapist that I live in a world in my mind rather than reality. I can tell that during the abuse I sustained as a young person, I retreated into imagination until I couldn’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy. When I do come back to reality – which has so far happened only once, after devastating family turmoils, bodily injury, and the end of a romantic relationship all coincided – I feel enormous guilt and shame, as well as anxiety so severe I can barely manage to function. If you have any experience or advice, any at all, that could help ground someone who struggles with these detachments from reality but who is also magnetic and intelligent, I would really, really appreciate it.

    • What you describe is very common for life path 11’s. Your 22/4 personality does not help you ground your thoughts in this case, but your strengths I believe will come from other areas in the chart including the heart and destiny numbers. Those aren’t given here so I cannot say much else in that subject.

      However, what I can say is that I have a life path 11 as well, along with a destiny 11 and living in a fantasy world is what I struggle with daily myself. The strength to overcome the fear of living in reality comes from the heart and not of the mind. The mind is a great servant but a terrible master. I would calculate your heart number (vowels) and focus on that next as that will tell you who you are at the core.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that the number 2 represents the concept of duality: opposite aspects coming together. Fantasy and reality are part of the same coin, the key is finding out how to make it work for you. I hope this helps at least somewhat.

  2. Hi I see the number 22 all the time ,every where I go all day long .I have been seeing it since March 2014. I know what it means, but I have no idea what to make of it. Its frustrating because I know there’s a message In it for me but don’t know what it is. Could you perhaps be able to help me out or give me some advice on what I should do. My birthdate is the 09 August 1979 …..thanx

    • 22/4 could be thought of as building something through group effort. It uses its abilities in empathy and knowledge of duality to build something constructive for the benefit of the whole. Alternatively, 22 represents the Fool in the tarot, the man who blindly walks into danger. The message could be to become more receptive to group consciousness in some area of your life.

      Your birthdate adds up to 43, which is a Life Path 7. It indicates working with the mind for spiritual purification, finding your own spiritual power. Self responsibility, trust and personal beliefs may be issues. The key to move forward is inside of yourself. 7’s have a tendency to work alone, which may be a hindering factor in understanding the 22 you see so often. 22 likes group effort. The challenge for a 7 entering a 22 situation is for it work with the group without losing its own independence.

      I hope that helps.

  3. I’m a 22 with a destiny number of 11.
    I havent gone outside my house in 2 years except to buy cigarettes. I read that 22 means you either become someone important or you bearly survive on your own.
    Is there in between with master numbers? I didn’t ask for this shit.
    Also,will changing my name at least help me get rid of the 11 in my chart, 2 master numbers are too much to handle.

    • Hi Gjon, “Master Numbers” is a title used in the Numerology business, but the name alone doesn’t make anyone a master. They are numbers with higher highs and lower lows than the other compound numbers. 22 in particular, if in the negative can be highly oversensitive and internally paralyzed by this sensitivity. As stated on my 22/4 post, “With double sensitivity and cooperation, it can either build great ventures with others or be severely limited by its own inhibitions.” 22 deals with fears regarding others.

      That being said, having a 22 date and an 11 name is not recommended. These two are considered enemies and results in manifested life experience considered inauspicious. This experience is 22 + 11 = 33, which is another master number that, if lived negatively results in a ton of waste and lack of discipline. So yes, changing your name from 11 to a number that works well with a 22 (6 for example) would have you see an improvement in the overall manifested life. Hope that helps.

  4. Im a life path 7 with an expression number 22 I feel so many things and I think think think so much. I have so many big things I wanna do but dont know where to start and sometimes I dont even know if im good enough

    • Hi will, the 22/4 only works on big projects by first starting small. One does not start to work on big projects right off the bat. It takes experience to get there. The 4 in the 22/4 indicates having to reach one’s goals step by step, brick by brick. The Life Path 7 indicates a need to know and trust yourself. Hope that helps.

  5. Hi Nick,

    I am a 22/4, and I really appreciate what you have written. I have been seen as others as a high achiever and a master manifestor. I am now leading groups on the side of my law career to help people manifest the dreams of their lives. I must say that your article is very accurate in terms of hard work, double intuition and how well I can work with others.

    I must say I always meet allies and support wherever I go. I am a very fortunate person. Even so, I have worked super hard both internally and externally to achieve every goal and dream. I have been teaching others how to change their consciousness and modify their world from within and it will be automatically imprinted in the external world. I have noticed that most of my students do not see their own consciousness like I can see theirs. Others’ thought patterns seem very clear to me, like they look transparent before my eyes, and I can layer and tackle for them; or I feel what they feel without them telling me. That’s my double intuition there. I have not joined force with anyone because I don’t want to waste energy convincing people my ideals and I want to avoid conflicts at all costs.

    • Hi Angela, thank you for your words. I’m glad the article resonated with you, and that you are living on the positive end of what the 22/4 can offer.

  6. It’s very odd! I have three master numbers in my chart.
    Life Path is 33/6
    Destiny is 11/2
    Personality is 22/4

    What does this mean?

    All of my challenges are 0. Am I the oldest soul in the world? lol

    • Hi A., a 0 challenge indicates issues with humanity, the world in general and the general use of power. It is easy for master number holders to use the power that they have toward selfish ends rather than help uplift humanity. For more information, please read my article on master numbers found here. Hope that helps.

    • Hi, this verry strange i have the same birth date, and i just looked about synchronicity and numerology last days… i usualy never read comments and i found this website randomly searching about path 22 on google because i feel like my full potential is inexploited and a lot of calculators told me my path was the 4 but i was not sure… i feel closer to the path 22 because when i read abouth the path 22 i literally cry, lost total control of myself, like i was waiting all my life to read this… all this is mind blowing and will probably change the rest of my life forever

  7. Nik you are getting some strange people eh KH is a troll etc
    commenting on your site
    Maybe remove comments from your site

    • Hi, thanks for the heads up. I am aware of this, however have decided not to bother responding to them. Not just because they want attention, but because I see them as direct reflections of things I need to work on internally. Hence, they were attracted here. I appreciate you looking out though.

  8. Love your work, I was responsing to Joe, what I write in my comment is the total truth, but the question is why you want so badly to see my comment deleted, with your “Love your work” username to manipulate the administrator, actually you are the troll and maybe you don’t want people who are looking for answers, like me, to find some answers and open their eyes on the world and life like it is really (break the matrix), open the third eye, learn about numerology, meditation, synchronicity, etc… And yes thank you for your work Nick, thank you for giving all the informations for free, it was really usefull for me and i read every single of yours posts. Nick, if you want proof of my birth date I can send you in private my ID card and you can verify my birth date, I am not lying, that can maybe help you also to understand more things, i really think everything is connected and if you are open minded you can make the right connections and understand how the world really works. Cheers

  9. Should I say I confirm the written information, just beacuse its enough with my birth date, and my curiosity and expirience in the Numerology metaphysycs logical reasoning for the living expirience we are given – The Life, real life itself.
    1 222 333 4 6 8 99

  10. I have a life path, soul, and maturity number all in 5 with with 9 destiny and 22 personality. I feel kind of like I am trapped and cannot be free and struggle with relationships since I feel I don’ t fit in with most people, but deeply care about others. Maybe I have too much 5 in my numerology?

    • Hi Alice, the 5 energy is one of networking and communication, the inflow of information. The 9 Destiny is notorious for being difficult to attract long lasting relationships. Both the 5 and 9 move, change and let go often and require discipline (5-9=-4) in order to reap the positive benefits. If there is no other yet manifest, then the best relationship is with one’s self. With a good inner relationship, the other shall likely appear. Hope that helps.

  11. My expression number and essence number are both 22/4 ina seven Personal year. I am 64 years old and have worked very hard all my life hoping to benefit humanity in the inner city. That has come to an end and I am lost. Where do I go from here? My children are far away and I am alone .

    • Hi Stephanie, I am not one to make important life choices for others. However, I can give some insight into the numbers that are currently affecting you. A 22/4 in conjunction with a 7 indicates a time of re-evaluation and analysis of groups and group contributions, whether they are worthwhile and their potential impacts. Which groups help whom? Do they really do what they do? What are the more pertinent needs of people? Ultimately, the answer of where to go next is inside of you. A 7 personal year can be a foggy time without many guideposts, it is up to the inner self to be one’s inner light during this time. It can be a time of marked spirituality. Hope that helps.

  12. Hi Nick, Come across you twice today by chance from different sources … taking that as a push to ask … the 22/4 in my life fills me with much hope and despair! “dealing with fears regarding others” hit a cord … Using his full name (middle name included) we’ve got:
    Lifepath 22/4
    Destiny/ expression number (vowels & consonents): 13/4
    Hearts desire (Vowels only): 71/8
    Personality number (consonents only): 41/5
    Please be gentle, I’m not sure how ready I am to hear the “can barely survive life/ severely limited by own inhibitions” side – thats the one i fear … and thank you for this post – as you say at the beginning – there really isn’t much out there on 22s

  13. Hi Nick – just posted a comment …. it occurred to me just now that I should have acknowledged one of the sources that led me to you …. as it was by following them that i found your site … reciprocity and all coming together as a big movement/ the acknowlegement that we are all one … so if its a comment/ question you post after reading, please add ‘one of which being Sarah Yip’s numerology site’ … with every good wish

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