The 21/3 is learning to work within the limits of not only itself, but of nature. Life can seem to be an uphill struggle at times, but the hurdles are well worth the accomplishments that come in the end. As long as the eye is set on the prize and ones believes it can obtain it, than it will. Its enthusiasm and positive motivation will greatly help it towards its goals. 21’s worldwide perspective can only help in this regard as long as it stays positive. It should remain tenacious and integrated in its work and success should be achieved. With this number, it is best to not scatter talents on frivolous activities, especially if one can’t afford to do so.


Clearly, the issue of self initiative is of prime importance here. The level of self confidence will determine how well 21 can function in society. Sensitivity and procrastination must be turned into will power. This number works well when it is continuously active. It should not be doing nothing for long periods of time. Social norms may challenge one’s impetus. Your presentation will help you greatly, especially when overcoming your obstacles. Your image and how you control it can impress those within your circle if used correctly. Do not let laziness give you an excuse to act selfishly. Excuses will only undermine your character. Escapes such as alcohol and sex only work temporarily and in the end just drain vital energy. The key is to learn to persevere in the face of all opposition. Learn to face the obstacles head on and ones life will improve.

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