The number 20/2 does not first reduce into its counterpart 11, such as its cousins 29 or 47. This makes 20 a very sensitive number and it must learn to control these tendencies in order to function in the wider world. It is diplomatic and can see both sides of a situation. You will learn how to make the best decisions in your lifetime. Some decisions only come from past experience. You will learn to properly use the weights and measures in your mind to help decide the best course of action. The 20 can be easily influenced by others unless it learns to discriminate between actual advise and emotional manipulation. This is a good number for a counselor or adviser, or someone who can wield the powers of others behind the scenes. Negatively, it is a schemer and creates conflicts for its own interests.


This is one of the octave numbers, which is any compound number containing a zero (10-90). Here, the same number is found through the addition and subtraction process. This indicates that the greatest strength is also the greatest weakness. The sensitive 2 is stopped short by its own oversensitivity, or the diplomat is held back over own perceived insensitivity of others. It is easy to feel defeated with this number, especially since all that effort may be thrown back as criticism for so-called bad behavior. But with a keen perspective, these situations can be seen for what they are: opportunities for growth and bettering one self. It then becomes a learning experience, understanding that life is showing us how to perform our lessons in a better way. 20 must not take this personally, but understand that it is bettering itself. Otherwise, hypocrisy can result, saying what you want (or should be doing) then doing the opposite out of the fear of change.

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