The number 19/1 is known as a Karmic Number by some Numerologists, alongside such numbers as 13/4, 14/5 and 16/7. It is generally believed that wherever these numbers show in a chart, it is tied to negative behavior in a past life that must be reconciled in this life. In this case, it is the misuse of power. The proper use of power must be learned in this life, often times at the expense of one’s independence. He will have to learn that one cannot do everything by himself, and will learn the power of working with others. Through others, one will be able to achieve independence. Outside of this karmic number concept, the number 19 is the self being tested in it’s own power. It must learn to balance itself with the rest of humanity.

According to the Tarot traditions, the number 19 is associated with The Sun. These people have brilliant and radiant personalities that infuse positivity in any situation they encounter. Their enthusiasm can propel them into leadership positions. They can achieve what they desire against immersible odds due to their self confidence and positive outlook on life. Negatively, 19 is associated with grand schemers who lie to gain material wealth. Excessively pompous, they cannot see beyond their own faults.


Here the 1, the originator of ideas is testing his power in the world. Wisdom is gained through experience as indicated by the -8, and this results in fresh new starts. When something new must be learned, their progress slows down until it is learned, then it continues in either the same or a different direction. Lived negatively however, the -8 is known for corruption, greed and a desire for power and all its consequences. Not everything can be bought or traded on the dollar, and relationships are a great example of this. It needs to slow down, and realize that there is always something new to learn. Progress for 19 tends to happen in spurts rather than a long continuous duration. It must remember to work with others, and respect their positions in life. One cannot work alone and expect to reach the top of the hill by itself with no help at all. This is an ideal, and not grounded in reality.

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