18/9 is about the balance between materialism and the spiritual ideal. Unfortunately, most often the former is more recognized. In either case, wherever the 18 shows up in a chart, it is destined to be an active part in one’s life. Hyperactivity and/or hypersensitivity may be a problem. They may also be dreamers who have a hard time accepting reality as it is and prefer to do nothing. It is important to watch your health, as those with this number may have fragile health concerns. In the occult, the number 18 is often linked with war and destruction. Those with this number will need strong faith in all areas to succeed. Depending on the orientation, it can bring possessiveness or detachment to material things.


The 1 which is about self initiative, independence and original ideas is embracing the 8, which is about taking those ideas and either implementing or discarding them. This results in evolution or destruction. Obviously, analysis is required in order to ensure that the ideas are fool-proof and will benefit the world for a better cause. This is where the -7 comes in. This number can easily see life wearing rosy-colored glasses, refusing to look deep down and realizing the truth of such things. Such realities will only break in the end and cause the suffering -7 is known for. But it is all to gain a better perspective of the world around us, as the +9 tells. Much wisdom will be gained through your experiences as long as you have the eye to see them. It is important to keep an eye on your health at all times. If it remains possessive to something then it can compound to dysfunction and illness unless it is released.

  1. Hey! Can I ask you a question? Well, wow first best 18 interpretation I have found!, I have this lovely troublesome number as my mind, but my life path number’s 50 and you haven’t got to it yet ahhh!!!! But could you maybe tell me about 50 because I’ve never seen it before and I have no idea what it’s about:)

    • Well, without going too much into it without making a whole new post, 50/5 is about lessons regarding freedom, new experiences, flexibility and enjoying life with moderation. 50 is on the go and doesn’t like to stick to something for very long, so relationships can be a bit tricky to work out. However once finding someone willing to settle with them it can be extremely loyal. There is a danger of going overboard with food, sex, drugs or any other kind of addiction which may undermine someone’s health. Your body is your best teacher in this case. Hope that helps.

    • Thanks! This is from various sources, like Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane, The Numerology Workbook by Julia Line among others, and it also includes my own interpretations.

  2. Hi nick
    My son 36/9 as per name
    Date: 7-11-2016 = 18/9
    Want to know about wealth and prosperity as people say 9’s are not good in prosperity

    • Hi zara, the Life Path of 18/9 may not be an easy one. There is tremendous energy that must be channeled in the right ways or he may run into conflict, but will most likely try to seek peace instead. Staying focused on tasks may be a problem, he must center himself at all times. Since he has two 9’s, this is especially important. As far as wealth, it is the type of wealth that must be questioned. Not all wealth comes in the form of money. 9 is known as a number of wisdom, not so much riches. Daydreaming is often a problem for 9’s, but if he stays focused on a worthwhile project he can achieve success. Hope this helps.

  3. Many thanks Nick
    Please if you get time also do about my elder daughter
    Name 37/1
    D.O.B. 17-01-04 = 22/4 (Day number 8 life path 4)
    Some say good for accumulating wealth other says good combination as 37/1 always attracts money.
    You help is always appreciated

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