The Mind

Your personality. How you think. The desires hidden inside of your mind. This is the self most people will see us as upon first collection. This number has also been called the Personality and the Secret Self, but the Mind better explains its effects in terms of the overall picture.

The Mind number is calculated using the consonants of the name. Reginald Regis Scott will continue to serve as an example. Instead of converting all of the letters into numbers however, there is an easier way calculate this number. Simply subtract the Heart number from the Self number. From the previous posts, we know that his Self equaled 88 and his Heart equaled 35. Therefore:

88 – 35 = 53/8

His Mind number equals 53. This is a man who will go after what he wants and is not afraid to do so. The number 53 is then looked up on this blog (which will be written in the future).

This concludes the basic 4 core elements of a Numerology chart. Following this, I will begin to write about the compound numbers to each of the positions as well as some other aspects of Numerology.

  1. Hi, have you ever happened across a system of numerology which uses the extent of numbers 1 and 8 in a person’s full name to helps shine light on that person’s mental characteristics? A high number [say more than 5] would then mark that person out as having some sort of “mentally orientated” bias and the opposite in the event of a low number. Additionally, further characteristics could be gleaned from the number made up from the amount of 8s and 1s. E.g. A 5 would be fast and practical witted, a 4 would be ponderous, serious and perhaps, slow-witted. I remember reading about this technique as a child but naturally, drifted away from such ideas as I got older and the mundane nature of day to living in reality took hold! However, I’ll never forgot the ideas I read about, like this one, and I remain curious about them too! Thanks in advance for any sort of response. Regards, Ken

    • Yes, this is what is commonly called the “Planes of Expression.” Authors such as Hans Decoz and Lynn Buess talk about this a great deal. And this is not just about the numbers 1 & 8, but all of the single digits. This is about grouping the letters in the name that add up to a single numerical digit. For example, the letters A, J, & S add up to 1, so one would look for those in the name and count how many there are. So if someone has let’s say one A and two S’s, then the number of 1’s equal 3. One would then count the letters equaling 8, so in this example there are zero letters, so the Mental Plane equals 3. Certain groups of numbers detail a person’s physical traits (4 & 5), mental traits (1 & 8), emotional traits (2, 3 & 6) and intuitive traits (7 & 9). This entire system is usually a part of the whole Numerological chart and not a system by itself, but it is an integral look at how the physique will be made up.

      Thank you for commenting.


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