The Life Path

It is what we came here to learn. It is the ultimate lesson in life. It shrouds us in all our activities. Often times it is the very energy causing us the greatest troubles in life, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Sometimes, we come at a breakthrough and we intuitively know what this life is all about.

To calculate your Life Path, add together all the single digits of your date birth. Let’s use May 18, 1996 as an example. Since May is the 5th month of the year:

5+1+8+1+9+9+6 = 39

The total 39 is written as 39/3 as 3+9 = 1+2 = 3. Many Numerologists maintain that the single digit is all that’s important from this calculation, but in later posts I will discuss how incorrect this is. A 39 is very different from a 48 or a 21. Put briefly, the method of using only the single digit was designed to make things as easy possible. However, this comes at the cost of accuracy.

In later posts, I will discuss each compound number in detail. For the next few posts, I will continue to describe how to calculate the core components of a Numerological chart.

  1. My birthday is 11/30/1988

    I have a problem, everywhere I go… everyone says I’m different life path numbers… I’ve gotten (4, 22, 31/4, 13/4) just learning there was even a 31/4 and 13/4 today… I felt like I’ve looked everywhere, and I’ve come to the conclusion that people are calculating in different ways, some claiming to be more accurate than the other… Some don’t break down master numbers in calculating… some do, some adding in different sequences. In your experience, knowing my complete birthday, how would you break it down? Thanks!

    • Hi Edward, many Numerologists have their own methods that best work for them in terms of accuracy (and how they view numbers according to their own perspectives). The typical way of calculating a Life Path is to simply add every digit, so in your case the total comes to 31/4. The creative individual who must rely on itself and its own decisions. I hope that helps.

  2. Hi,

    I am so happy to have found my way here. I am very intrigued by all things relating to the physical world and numbers…I find that they are the only thing in this life 100% reality based and not dependent on anything to do with my thoughts, or someone else. I have thought of Decoz as a reliable source until recently. At age 21/22 I stumbled across his chart maker software. I input my info and there was my 40+ pg. reading…..I have to say that it was very telling and hit a lot of marks. In fact, I was so excited from what I learned I did charts for all my very Catholic family. They even said it seemed reliable, and for the most part accurate. I was hooked. In my chart there was a lot of indicators that I would not reach my potential until later in life, that I would face difficulties and be slow to achieve my potential. This has either been my self-fulfilling prophecy, or the numbers were right. Well fast forward just shy of 20 yrs. I am on the verge of 40, my life couldn’t be more chaotic, unbalanced, and self destructive. I decided to look back on numerology to see if those ideas I once felt so strongly about were right, and moreover I wanted to find out when the heck my life was going to be what I know in my heart it should be. Well low and behold I returned to Decoz, and re-did my chart. It was just as I remembered. Very accurate, and seemingly more aware of who I am and will be than myself. I again did charts for family….again they were very relevant. BUT, this is where I lost faith. I noticed that one chart I gave to a close friend one whom I have a deep connection to shared many of the same numbers and forecasts as myself. In fact, my friend whom shares a different birthday than myself and different life number had all the same day to day forecasts and personal years as me. This is a big problem, or isn’t it? Is it possible that we do have this much in common? I would love to believe this to be the case. However, I am much to analytical, and frankly to effing smart to go for that. Decoz has officially enlightened me, and destroyed me. I have recently been feeling like I have allowed myself a pass for my young adulthood to be an unproductive, unbalanced, destructive wasteland….knowing that in my early 40’s I would come into my own. In fact, I have believed so much in this notion that I have made it my reality. Please tell me I didn’t do so from the words of a person out to solely make a dollar. Is Decoz a fool, a telephone psychic? And, if so, what am I to do now? My birthday is 9/22/1978 My full name is Catrina Rose Mazzanoble. What is this life going to reveal to me?????? HELP!!!!

    • Hi Catrina, Decoz is a good author when first starting out into the Numerology field, however there are many others out there with their own different ideas and their own ways of interpreting a chart. The accuracy of Numerology is all dependent upon the numbers given as the result, and if one just sticks to the first 9 numbers then the explanations simply become cookie cutter, one size fits all (or nine). As far as your friend goes, it is possible to share a similar personal year pattern using different numbers for the birth day, but your friend’s experiences of course will be similar but not quite the same as yours because the personal year shows what to expect according to the numbers that make up the chart. If she has different soul/persona/self numbers, then she will experience these years differently.

      You’re lucky posting this now considering I should be rolling out paid charts sometime this year. I wont do a full assessment but will do a basic overview. You have some master numbers in your chart: the 22/4 birthday and the 38/11 Life Path which can cause a lot of confusion and misdirection due to their very high strung and other worldly energies. Another important aspect is the 8/5/4 aspect in your name: 35 Soul, 59 Persona and 94 Self. The 8 and 5 together can produce a strong ambitious drive that sometimes doesn’t know how fast is too fast. In fact, it must learn to slow down. The 59 Persona is also very telling because this number is naturally slippery and has a hard time holding onto things. The 35 is a bit similar to this as it always wants to be on the move, is athletic and tends to be a social powerhouse. So what is the key if neither is operating harmoniously? The 94 Self number, because this number is about the ongoing evolution of structures and discipline. A very strong discipline is needed for this entire chart and the 94 shows this. With firm roots, the 94 can survive the ongoing evolution of the structure of life it finds itself in. If disciplined, this number can be a bit of a revolutionary on its own with whatever cause it finds itself interested in. When not disciplined however, it is as you say, chaotic and confusing, a never ending uprooting of structures that never seem to have any roots to begin with. Since the numbers behind 94 (35 & 59) are about motion, experiencing what it has to offer along with the gain and loss that change can bring about, a strong set of roots must first be planted so that these experiences wind up becoming positive for your growth instead of destructive. Your 22 birthday is tied to your 94 Self number, and it indicates working with a group consciousness over revolutionizing some structure in society when positive.

      I hope this help you out!

  3. Hey Nick,
    could you kindly help me understand which life path number relates to me? I cannot figure it out. I was born on 17.11.1990 – When I add up all the numbers together (1+7+1+1+1+9+9) my number is 11, and this is the way numbers are calculated for example in Poland, influenced by Gladys Lobos I guess. However, I see on the Internet, that the most popular method, eg. in the USA, is counting it another way, that is, in my case (1+7=8 11=11 1+9+9=19=10=1 So 8+11+1=20=2. ). They also say that the first way (just adding all numbers together) is incorrect cos we have to include vibrations of the month, day and year of birth separately in order to get the right number. Could you please let me know if I am a master vibration or not, with just a little justification? I don’t know what to think. Kind regards, Alicja

  4. I just wanted to add something. I think Catrina’s Decoz method also states that one should add the day, month and year number separately, am I right here?. It’s just all a bit confusing. For example I feel I resonate with 11. And some numerologists tell me I am 11, others say I am NOT 11. : ) I don’t want to get this wrong.

    • Hi Alicja, I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that the life path calculation method you specified is one of the most common methods used. The Life Path in this case is 29/11/2.

      The bad news is that 1 out of 9 people have a life path 11 by that logic. That means 11 is not as great as it is often marketed to be. Please read my latest article on Master Numbers and how they’ve been marketed to be something that they are not.

      And finally, one does not choose what number they like to be in regards to the birth date. However, this can of course change with the name. Hope that helps.

  5. Thank you for the answer Nick. I understand your point. I’ve also read your article and find what you said there wise. l I’ve been slightly influenced by all this marketing of master numbers to be honest, as I’ve always felt somehow insecure in this world, like I don’t belong here (probably most of the people feel this way, right?) That’s why I tried to look for some sort of security, fulfillment in spiritual realms and meditation. Since childhood I’ve always felt inclined towards development and higher values. I’ve also been very sensitive and spiritual. Yet, I’m not practical. I often get stuck in my imagination, stuck in ideas. I’ve been looking for my own, unique way to realize my potential and create more good in whatever I’m doing, however, It has not always worked this way. I have Aspergers syndrome which often results in anxiety, social seclusion and self victimizing thoughts. My bad habits inhibit the progress significantly, though I’ve been working on these too and hope I’m gonna succeed being a good, kind and loving person.

    Could you give me the overall review? My full name is Alicja Dagmara Stachniuk. I also have a third name resulting from sacrament of confirmation but I never use that, it’s Magdalena. I don’t know if it counts, it’s not official.

    Of course I understand if you don’t wanna do it, I’m just a random user. But I thought it’s never too bad to ask.

    Anyways thanks, and I’m waiting for volume 2.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Hi Nick,
    And how common is it for an 81 to incarnate? I see alot of people have a 11-39 life paths. Is a 40 older than a 27? What exactly determines your life path? Are you a 25, 26, and then a 27? Or are a life path 18 and a 27 the same soul age? Thanks so much!

    • Hi, I have addressed part of this in one of your other comments before here:

      As for the other questions, you in part determine what your next life will be like depending on the actions you undertake now. What lessons we must learn is reflected in the results, which indicates refusing to learn them in a previous life. The birthing guides or guardians then guide those souls to their next life where such lessons are a bigger focus. This of course does not mean Life Path numbers are sequential. It again depends on how current lessons are learned, for instance if someone with a life path of 56 is diplomatic and maintains balance in their environment but stifles their independence and creative expression, they may have a 37 in the next life. Of course, that is just one position in the chart. No one number is “higher” than another in terms of “I’m better than you.” It is not a top-down hierarchy of power but rather, they form a spiral of learning so to speak, so those needing to learn aspects of another number jump to another part of the “circle,” and once completed they move up the next curve of the spiral to heavier lessons. Only the soul knows its own understanding, and this is something numbers cannot reflect save in the form of messages towards those lessons. Hope that helps.

  7. Nick, this explained a lot. So how old can a soul be? Can you sense when someone is an older soul? And what about the you tube videos explaining the course of things? The 1-9 and then the 11 22 and 33, do we only come to earth 9 lives or 100 lives? Thanks so much.

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